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Rainy Saturday Breakfast

Welcome to Kelly Runs for Food! This is officially my first blog post and I can’t believe I didn’t start a blog sooner! Visit the “About Me” page to learn a little more. I hope you enjoy reading about my food, workouts, and general adventures in living a healthy and fit life!


It’s Saturday! That means Riley cooks us up a decadent and completely unhealthy breakfast. It’s a weekly tradition that I love because I can eat my weight in bacon and hash browns without feeling the slightest bit guilty.

On today’s menu were cheesy sausage biscuits:

Sausage Biscuits

Oh. Yum.

Even Bella wanted some…

Begging Bella

“You forgot my plate again, mom…..”

It’s hard to resist that face, so naturally I shared.  It’s been pouring down rain and I really hope it stops soon. Rain is a huge motivation killer for me and my grand plans to go to the gym can quickly turn into hours spent reading in bed. Whenever I’m lacking in motivation I turn to my Pintrest boards. Looking at great workout ideas or inspirational pictures usually gets me excited again about working out.

This one usually kills my excuses:


I think I’ll spend the next few hours updating my running playlist and making a new workout to try at the gym today. Music is another big motivator and I can’t work out without it. Seriously, I can’t. I once left the gym after 15 minutes because my iPod died. Sad, I know. Some of my current favorite gym songs:

  • Titanium– David Guetta & Sia
  • Scream– Usher (LOVE this one)
  • Motown Philly– Boyz 2 Men
  • Push It– Salt N Pepper
  • Girl on Fire– Alicia Keys

Having good music to pump me up is the key to a great workout for me. When I really want to feel like a bad-ass (picture that for a laugh), I listen to Rage Against the Machine. I usually reserve that for when I’m “angry” exercising! I’m hoping to find some good new songs to add to my playlist today.

Hope you enjoy your Saturday!


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