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Free Smoothie Day

My office is still moving so I got to sleep in today and take my time. I woke up at 7:30 and grabbed a banana immediately. I don’t know how people can skip breakfast. I wake up hungry every day and if I haven’t eaten by 9:00? Well, let’s just say you want to avoid me those days!

After answering some work emails I headed over to the gym for some cardio. I completed 35 minutes on the Adaptive Motion Trainer. If you’ve never been on one of those, lemme tell you, they are awesome. They’re the perfect cardio machine for when I want the calorie burn of a nice run, but don’t want the high impact. Check them out here: Precor AMT. The AMT lets you control the range of motion and when you crank up the resistance you burn major calories!

I like to vary the resistance and do intervals to keep it interesting. I warmed up at level 5, then worked my way all the way to level 20 and back down for a total of 35 minutes. I was definitely sweating by the time I was done. I also watched a little of the Law and Order: SVU marathon to pass the time. I have just a minor obsession with that show…. After my cardio I headed over to the circuit machines and worked my legs for a little while.

After my workout I realized I have a free smoothie from my gym punch card!


My gym makes the BEST smoothies. I had a chocolate & peanut butter shake that came in around 300 calories and 42 whopping grams of protein! I was sold at chocolate/peanut butter, but glad to know there was some nutritional value as well.

I’ll be spending the rest on my day at the office unpacking all my stuff and getting settled in my new office. Enjoy your day!


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