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Day of Favorites

I interviewed for a big promotion at work today (cross your fingers!), so I woke up at 4:30 AM (ugh) to go to the gym so I’d have extra time to primp. I figured I needed to make a good impression when my co-worker’s advice was, “make sure you wash your hair”. For the record, I don’t have a hygiene problem! I’m just notorious for working out then using dry shampoo like it’s my job. 

Workout & Breakfast

I started out with a 30 minute easy run that turned into some sprinting intervals in the last 10 minutes. I had a lot of nervous energy, apparently! After I got nice and sweaty I headed over to the dumbbells to work my arms and shoulders.

After my shower I made some scrambled eggs with spinach and feta. I added in some toast for a nice and filling breakfast.


ImageMmmm, spinach…..



After a super long day at work and surviving the final interview, I came home to the best surprise. Riley surprised me with a “day of favorites”, where he brought me a bunch of my favorite things!


Flowers, chocolate peanut butter cups, ingredients for homemade pizza (my fave!!), chocolate-almond cookies, and my favorite wine, Bogle Phantom.



Naturally, all this stuff comes from my favorite store: Trader Joe’s! Sometimes I feel like a walking advertisement for this place. They should pay me.

Looks like tonight’s a pizza and wine night. Riley put fresh mozzarella, basil, and pancetta on the pizza and it smells delicious in the oven! I love homemade pizza because you can use fresher ingredients and it just feels healthier, even if it’s not. 🙂

Have a great evening!



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