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Zip-lining and Tarzan Swings

When I posted yesterday I had plans to spend the rest of the day reading and lounging on my back deck. Those plans quickly changed when my friend Danielle asked me to go to Go Ape! here in Williamsburg. I thought it was going to be mostly zip-lining, but turns out it was more of an adventure course as well.

When we arrived we got suited up and learned how to attached ourselves using the harnesses, pulleys, and carabiners. After our safety lesson, they let us loose on the course!



The hardest part was a stretch that consisted of nothing but metal rings hanging from ropes. We had to get ourselves across by hooking our feet into each hanging ring until we got to the other side. It was quite a workout!



You’d think my background as a dancer would have been helpful in this exercise, but alas, I was a clumsy fool trying desperately not to end up in some awkward form of hanging splits.

Luckily, there were some easier stretches





All in all, we had a blast and I would definitely go back! The challenge of balancing in the tree-tops gave me a good workout on my arms and core. Looks like my outdoor workout plans happened after all!

Someday maybe I’ll tackle one of these: World’s Coolest Zip Lines- Travel and Leisure

Have you ever zip-lined? If so, what’s your favorite course?


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