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Mexican Food Favorites

I love coming home from work. Every day when I get home, Bella comes to the door with her favorite toy in her mouth. I respond by acting really excited, as if I’ve never seen it before. It’s a routine I love and never get sick of. It makes my long commute totally worth it!


I started off with all the good intentions to hit the gym this morning, but then I woke up in “the sweet spot” in bed. You know what I’m talking about. Everything about my bed just felt perfect this morning and I ended up sleeping in until 6:30. It was glorious. 🙂

Once I was up I was running late for work, so I grabbed a plum and some breakfast trail mix from Trader Joe’s.


The trail mix comes in individual-sized bags with almonds, dried cranberries, crunchy yogurt bites, and white chocolate chips. It was so yummy! I think the packets are better off as snacks, but it worked in a pinch. They are the perfect size to keep one in my purse in case of snacking emergencies (that’s a real thing in my world).

Lunch today was much more substantial. I went to one of my all-time favorite restaurants, Plaza Azteca, with one of my co-workers. When I was in college I probably went to this place at least once a week (gotta love that 19-year-old metabolism!). Just pulling into the parking lot brings back memories of sorority dinners and awesome Cinco de Mayo celebrations. I do miss the days when money and calories were never a concern!


For lunch I ordered the Azteca salad, which had grilled chicken and shrimp, mushrooms, carrots, lettuce, and pico de gallo.


It was delicious and I was absolutely stuffed by the time we left! Back at the office I took a nice, post-lunch walk to help my stomach settle. Since I plan on packing my lunch the rest of the week, I didn’t feel bad about eating out.

Mexican restaurants are notoriously unhealthy, but eating at them doesn’t have to be. I realized a long time ago that if I was going to be happy living a healthy lifestyle, I couldn’t have a restrictive diet. The only place I really draw the line at is fast food. I try to make the smartest choices possible, but I also allow myself some wiggle room throughout the day. My choice at Plaza today was healthy, but also super tasty. Some of my healthy Mexican favorites are:

  • Ceviche. It’s so fresh and good for you!
  • Taco salad (minus the shell)
  • Chicken enchiladas. These can be a lot healthier if you skip the refried beans. For that matter, always skip the refried beans!
  • Pacifico beer with lime. Well…the lime part is healthy anyway 😉

Now I’m off to enjoy a quiet evening at home. Have a great night!

What’s your favorite Mexican meal?


8 thoughts on “Mexican Food Favorites

  1. Oh wow that Azteca salad looks delicious! my favorite mexican meal is probably some sort of chicken quesadilla (sp?) or – and im not even kidding – chips and guac. i’ve made that a meal at several mexican restaurants in the past to the chagrin of everyone else at the table 🙂

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