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I’m on cloud 9! I got the phone call at 4:30 today telling me I’d gotten the big promotion I applied for at work and I’ve had a giant grin on my face ever since!


I didn’t think I’d hear today and had a really uneventful day at work. The only highlight up until this afternoon was my tasty steak, egg, and cheese breakfast bowl this morning.




I’ve been working in my current job for almost 5 years and this promotion comes with a lot of work, but I’m so thrilled that I’ve been given this opportunity.

I’m too excited to write anything more, so sorry for the super short post. All my plans to write about healthy 4th of July foods or workouts would just take too long for this evening. So instead, I’m off to celebrate with champagne and Digiorno pizza. See you tomorrow! 🙂


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