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Health Snob Moments

I’m back home after my quick work trip to North Carolina and I’m psyched to be starting yet another 3-day weekend! I’m really enjoying this whole Friday’s off in July deal.

Yesterday started with a sore back, lack of sleep, and lack of motivation. My body wasn’t prepared for work travel yet, apparently! I also sadly realized I’d only packed 1 gym outfit. Please don’t judge me when I say that I did, in fact, put the same clothes back on to hit the hotel gym! I shouldn’t have admitted that, but I did. I’ll even take it a step further and admit it’s not the first time I’ve re-worn gym clothes out of desperation.

I didn’t have a whole lot of time, so I did a quick, 15-minute HIIT treadmill run, mixing up sprint and hill intervals. Afterwards, I headed to the dumbbell rack and decided to target my arms and shoulders. I did 3 rounds of the following (15 reps each):

  • Overhead shoulder presses
  • Triceps dips on a bench
  • Bicep curls
  • Incline push-ups on a step
  • Bent-over row-backs
  • Front dumbbell raises

Super speedy, but it got me moving before the long car ride! After my quick gym session I hit up the free breakfast buffet. Residence Inns are my absolute favorite for breakfast and they always have a large selection for a hotel. I was really hungry and also knew lunch might be a challenge with the drive ahead, so I loaded up on my meal. I ended up with oatmeal topped with dried cranberries, walnuts, and a smidge of brown sugar. I also got myself a small yogurt, some melon, and a pear to take on the road with me. And a nice big cup of coffee of course!



Confession time (as if re-wearing dirty gym clothes wasn’t a good enough confession for the day):

I had a total health-snob moment while perusing the yogurt selections when I realized I was thinking, “ugh, of course they don’t have any Greek yogurt. I guess regular will have to do….” When did I become a yogurt snob?! Oh, those health-snob moments. It’s like when you want a salad, but realize the only green options is iceberg lettuce. Ugh! (rolling eyes), “Well, I’d prefer spinach, or a green with a higher vitamin A content……”



After getting over myself and packing up, I hit the road and made the 3-hour drive back to my office to work for a few hours before coming home. Lunch was almost non-existent, consisting of the pear and banana I had stashed in my purse, so by the time I finally got home around 5:00 I was starving! I went straight for the fridge for some dinner.


I had some of the leftovers from the Summer Veggie Pasta I made the other night and it hit the spot!

Today I’m taking it easy before heading to the gym and doing some errands around town. Happy Friday everyone!

Have you had a health snob moment?

How do you keep a healthy diet when traveling?


13 thoughts on “Health Snob Moments

  1. I agree…we should always get Friday off! Short work week and 3 day weekend — I’m all for it! I really have got to try out that pasta dish. It looks amazing!

    When we’re traveling, I try to bring healthy snacks with me…almonds, granola bars and some fruit. When we go out, I try to order salads or salmon and we usually skip the dessert (although, not always!).

  2. I’ve re-worn gym clothes on multiple occasions. I mean hell, the whole point is to get them sweaty and dirty right. Less laundry this way.

  3. I have to admit I’ve reworn gym clothes before too. When travelling if you can’t do laundry sometimes it is a necessity, not great but better than not working out 🙂

    That summer veggie pasta even as leftovers looks so yummy! I so agree on the crappy ice berg lettuce thing. I am seriously the biggest health snob / fuss pot when I go out for brunch. Once a place dared to give me toast pre-buttered and I sent it back as I didn’t want butter, my boyfriend was pretty embarrassed!

  4. I def. have my Health Snob moments. I only eat SEAFOOD or chicken breast when I am out to eat, I do NOT TOUCH THE MEAT because it’s NOT grass-fed most likely (however some restaurants are starting to offer it which is awesome).

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