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The Epic Cleanse Failure

Confession time…..

I ditched the cleanse.

That’s right, I couldn’t hack it. 48 hours, that’s all I had to do! So what’s a little pain and suffering and eating blueberries for the 9th time in one day? I could have been free of my toxins! But then our friends called last night to invite us over and it went something like this:

Friend- “Kelly, would you like an espresso martini?

Me- “No thanks, I’m on a cleanse….never mind, gimme the martini”


Espresso martini

And just like that, it was out the window. In my defense, those espresso martinis are freakin’ amazing! We ended up having a lot of fun, too. Our friends have a beautiful home and backyard and I loved meeting the newest addition to their family, Scruffy the labradoodle.


Hawkins House

Even though my cleanse didn’t finish as planned, I don’t really feel all that guilty. Aside from giving me a headache I’m not sure what good it was doing. I may attempt a cleanse again in the future and actually finish it!

Lunch in Richmond

I drove up to Richmond today to meet up with my mom for lunch. We met a a restaurant called Mellow Mushroom in Carytown. It was really cute inside and had a cool, eclectic feel to it.

Mellow Mushroom

The place is pretty well known for it’s pizza, so of course that’s what I ordered. Pizza twice in one week! Maybe I’ll restart that cleanse…but probably not.  I got the slice and salad combo and got my pizza topped with fresh tomatoes and feta cheese.


Feta Pizza

It was really tasty and I was stuffed afterwards! After lunch, my mom and I walked around Carytown and checked out some of the shops. I hadn’t been to that part of Richmond in a while and it was great to see some of the same places that were there when I was growing up.


Byrd Theater

When I was a teenager I used to go see the midnight movies with my friends at the Byrd Theater. Carytown has some great historic spots as well as tons of cool boutiques and restaurants. I think I need to make some more frequent trips up there!

My plan for tonight is to just relax and chill at home with Riley. I plan on hitting the gym in the morning before we get busy, so it’ll be a pretty calm night for me.

Happy Friday everyone!

What are you plans for the weekend?


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