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Cardio & Abs Workout

Wow I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. This week is flying by!

As soon as I got home from work yesterday I knew I needed to go grocery shopping. Our fridge was completely bare and I was hungry. I did end up saving $33 at the store, which made me feel awesome! I was too tired to cook a big dinner, so I baked some sweet potato fries and made a turkey wrap. I used a whole wheat tortilla, lean turkey, avocado, spinach, carrots, and a slice of cheese. Delish! Throw in a big ol’ glass of wine and I was ready for bed by 8:30. Haha I’m so exciting.


Turkey wrap

This morning a miracle happened. I actually woke up 2 minutes before the alarm went off! Made me feel like it’s totally normal to wake up at 4:30 am. Ha.

When I got to the gym I knew I wanted some good cardio, but didn’t feel like doing the same thing for 30 minutes. I ended up doing a little cardio sandwich workout instead, squeezing in an arm workout in the middle. For the cardio I started on the adaptive motion trainer, then did my second set on the cross trainer. The whole thing took about 50 minutes with stretching. Perfect!


Cardio and Abs Workout

Here are some of the exercises listed:

Plank Walk-up

Overhead Tricips Extension


Since I only did 10 reps of each exercise I chose a slightly heavier dumbbell than I normally do to give it an extra challenge. It left me nice and sweaty without feeling like I was dying. Another highlight of my workout was my Pandora station. I discovered the Jock Jams station today. My song of the day: I Like To Move It Move It by Reel 2 Reel. Got me nice and pumped up and also reminded me of the movie Madagascar. Animated movies, anyone?

Breakfast this morning was awesome! I had a little extra time so I made scrambled eggs (one whole egg, one egg white) with bell pepper, tomato, spinach, and feta cheese. I rounded it out with a piece of wheat toast and some blueberries. The only thing missing was some of the maple bacon taunting me in the fridge, but I didn’t quite have time for that.


Eggs breakfast

Now I’m off to another full day of student interviews. Is it sad I can’t wait to get to work so I can get my coffee going? See ya tomorrow!


What’s your go-to Pandora station?

Do you have a favorite cardio machine?



9 thoughts on “Cardio & Abs Workout

  1. Not sad at all! I love getting to work to have my Chai Lattes 😉

    Looks like a yummy breakfast!! I can’t wait till blueberries come into to season here. I bought some recently but they were $22 for 2 punnets worth, so expensive!

  2. YUM- your breakfast and that wrap sound amazing! and i get up at 4 am (sometimes, lately i keep hitting snooze) to go to the gym soooo you’re less crazy than i am! 😉

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