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Rainy Tuesday

I’m enjoying the soothing (maybe too soothing) sound of rain this morning while I type up this post and eat my breakfast. On the menu today is a yogurt bowl with sliced peaches.


Yogurt Bowl

In my yogurt bowl:

  • Toasted Coconut & Vanilla Greek yogurt
  • Chia seeds
  • Coconut almonds
  • Blueberries

Yesterday was a blur! I was busy all day at work and ate lunch at my desk: roast beef on wheat with Greek yogurt and blueberries.


Roast beef sandwich

Later in the afternoon I got hungry and snagged a granola bar from my desk. It’s important for me to keep snacks around because it seems like I’m ALWAYS hungry!

When I got home, I think Riley had read my mind because he was already working on dinner when I walked in the door. Dinner last night was delicious! Bison burgers with caramelized onions on top and baked sweet potato fries.

Bison burger

I loved the lean bison and it was a great change from our usual burgers! Riley prefers beef burgers, but last night’s dinner was right up my alley! After dinner my night got super boring and, like an old lady, I was in bed by 9:00. I’m really exciting, people.

Morning Workout

This morning it was raining on my way to the gym and a terrible thing happened. A deer ran out into the road and right into my car. It was really scary and I’m so thankful it didn’t go right through a window! I couldn’t really see my car in the dark so after my workout I went out check the car (along with the entire 70 year-old male population at my gym, who wanted to help me “check it out”) and, amazingly, not a dent! I’m the luckiest person ever. Seriously. Who gets run into by a deer and ends up without a single scratch? Mom, I know you’re shaking your head reading this (I have the best luck of anyone in my family and it drives them all nuts). To the deer, I hope you are still alive….

Anyway, my workout was a good one this morning! I did a little cardio sandwich with an upper body workout in the middle. It looked like this:

  • 15 minutes on the adaptive motion trainer
  • 3 Sets of:
  • Plank walk-ups
  • Bicep curls
  • Overhead presses
  • Triceps extensions
  • Bent-over rows
  • Pushups
  • Mountain Climbers
  • 15 minutes on the adaptive motion trainer
  • 5 minute stretch

Just about 45 minutes and I was done! Now I’m off to work a half-day at the office, then heading up to Richmond with a co-worker to have lunch with one of our former co-workers.

Tonight I’m planning on watching the Bachelorette finale on DVR with my friend Danielle. I’m taking some of the ideas I got from you all to use my fig jam to make Brie en croute! As far as the rest of the food is concerned, I’ll have to figure it out at some point today. I’m thinking a giant antipasto platter could be good. Any ideas or recipes are welcome!

Have a great day!

Have you ever hit an animal on the road?

What’s your favorite kind of burger?




16 thoughts on “Rainy Tuesday

  1. When I went to college in Georgia I was always afraid of hitting deer. You are very lucky and hopefully that deer is still alive. That bison burger looks to tasty, even though I don’t eat bison lol!

  2. Well sweet daughter of mine, so glad you and the car were unscathed, and yes, if anyone in the family could have that situation turn out well, it would be you, LOL. I am surprised the deer even hit the car. With your luck it should have seen in was YOU and just leaped over the car instead of actually hitting it.

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