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Williamsburg Weekend

It’s Monday again! How was your weekend? Mine was the perfect blend of fun stuff and relaxation!

Saturday started off with a run through Colonial Williamsburg and checking out the farmer’s market. I’ll confess: I’ve lived in this town for over 6 years and it’s never occurred to me to take my run to the downtown area. Living in a tourist town makes me forget just how gorgeous it is and how much cool stuff there is to do!

The morning was super humid, but I got there around 9:00 before things got busy.

DOG Street 2

DOG Street

Williamsurg Palace

I covered around 3 miles averaging at a 9:30/mile pace. It was so fun to just cruise around the colonial streets and see the tourists, other runners, and all the locals with their dogs.

By the time I finished my run the farmer’s market was really busy. There was a TON of produce, meat, fresh pastas, breads, and cheese.

Farmer's market


I ended up not buying anything since I forgot to bring any cash with me, but I may have to pick some stuff up next week!

Date Night

Saturday night was date night with Riley. We went to a late afternoon movie, followed by appetizers and a couple drinks at a local restaurant called Center Street Grill. They have an awesome menu and we got our two favorite appetizers- the pita pizza and the Philly rolls. The Philly roll is basically a Philly cheese steak in the form of an egg roll with an awesome dipping sauce. It’s amazing!

Pita Pizza Center Street

Philly Roll

On a different note, taking pictures of that pita pizza made me realize that I probably eat way too much pizza. Riley informed me that since it was on a pita it didn’t count. I’m gonna go with that reasoning!

After eating we stopped back at the house before going to our favorite spot, Oceans and Ale. They had a live band and we enjoyed a few too many drinks before calling it a night. Awesome Saturday!

Yesterday was a total veg-fest. I watched the entire second season of Breaking Bad on Netflix and basically was a complete sloth. I wanted a second rest day this week and yesterday was the perfect day to pick!

No workout this morning due to a total lack of decent sleep last night. I seem to have that problem every Sunday!

Have a great Monday!!

Do you sleep poorly on Sundays?  What did you do this weekend? What healthy or not so healthy food do you find yourself eating all the time?

15 thoughts on “Williamsburg Weekend

  1. You can never eat too much pizza!!! That farmer’s market sounds and looks amazing! The one closest to me definitely does not have that much variety.

    I always have the worst sleeps on Sundays…always too depressed about Monday lol

  2. I haven’t been to Williamsburg in years but you just gave me a huge itch to go back! I remember it being very beautiful, and I would love to run through the area before it got too busy 😉 Those philly cheesesteak rolls sound amazing! I’m not even a huge philly cheesesteak fan, and they had my mouth watering haha.

  3. Um, there’s no such thing as too much pizza!! Your Saturday looked perfect and Sunday sounded pretty awesome too!
    I dedicate so much time to cooking recipes for my blog on the weekend that I don’t have those veg-out days anymore. I definitely need to plan more of those!
    I sleep like crap on Sundays too. My circadian rhythm is all thrown off!

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Colonial Williamsburg looks like a great area for a long run, but not so sure about the humidity. How humid was it? Wow, I love Farmers’ Market and the tomatoes look beautiful! I’m also a huge fan of Breaking Bad, man, it seems like the first episode is slow, but since this will be the last season, I hope the episodes are more exciting!

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