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Flashback Friday

I heard a song yesterday that inspired this post. That song was Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation.

Heck .Yes.

I don’t know about you, but I listened to that album a LOT! A good number of people who read my blog are around the same age as me and I think that today’s a good day to acknowledge some awesome things from our childhood that maybe you’ve forgotten. Welcome to Flashback Friday, Fitness Edition!

First up: This Guy. Duh.


Remember him? I do, cause we had his workouts on VHS. Because of this man, I know all the words to Rockin’ Robin, Build Me Up Buttercup, and Gimme Some Lovin’. 

Next on our list?


Oh, heeeey, legwarmers! They’re not just for warming up, you know. You can wear them with heels! Almost as good as (but not really) the stirrup pant.  Mine were purple and I loved them.

Wait, this is an option? Um, bad idea! I repeat: BAD IDEA!

Finally, this.

Fitness Work out 80s exercise gif

And everything else on this page, really. When I think about all the fun fitness crazes from back then, it makes me sad my gym doesn’t offer Jazzercise as a class. Will we look back on Zumba like this some day? Don’t answer that.

I should really make a Flashback Friday playlist! All in favor??

Well, now that we’ve reminisced about the Good Ol’ Days, let’s get to today’s workout and breakfast, shall we?

Workout & Breakfast

This morning the alarm went off at 4:30 and after hitting snooze a couple times I managed to make it to the gym around 5:15. I got on the Adaptive Motion Trainer expecting to do a quick 20 minutes and ended up getting sucked into the news on CNN, so I stayed on there for about 45 minutes. That’s about all the time I had at the gym, so after some stretching I headed home to get ready for work.

Breakfast today is a quick and easy bowl of cereal. I topped mine with banana slices and dried cranberries.

Cereal with banana

I have one more busy day at work before I get to start the WEEKEND! Woo hoo! Happy Friday, everybody 🙂

What are you up to this weekend?

What’s the most embarrassing thing you wore as a kid?


22 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. Ugh i was born in 88, so my mum loved to dress me up in some of the leftover 80s fashions when i was really young…including stir up pants which i hated even at 4! She loved trying to make me wear dresses too which was usually disastrous since i was a tom boy and got messy/climbed trees like it was my job 😛

  2. Oh my, Richard Simmons…I’m not sure anything in this decade can top that.
    Awesome job waking up at 4:30! It sucks being up so early but it really puts you in a good mood the rest of the day knowing you get to relax after work.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Gee… thanks Kel. Well I actually only owned one pair of grey stirrup pants. The rest of my pants I just pushed down into the scrunch socks with the sneakers. LOL. You always wore your hair in a side ponytail, and yes, you had legwarmers to wear over your tights 🙂 Great idea for a flashback Friday sweet daughter….

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