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Funny Farm

Happy Friday!!! We made it!! Well, mostly. I have to work tomorrow, but for now we’ll just pretend…

I’ll get to my morning workout a breakfast in a minute, but first let’s talk about my trip to the SPCA yesterday!

As I mentioned, I was helping out with a volunteer day with some of our newest students. Faculty and staff volunteered to lead small groups all over town to introduce them to community service opportunities in the area. I got lucky and was assigned to the SPCA. I was expecting a morning filled with kittens and puppies. Instead, we got this:

Goat 1

Yep, we were going to be working at the petting zoo! There were a ton of goats (friendly ones, luckily) and other animals. Just hanging out with all the goats made me think of those goats that scream like humans. I can’t stop laughing when I watch that video! A close second is the fainting goats video, which is also really funny. But not nearly as much as the screaming goats.

In addition to the goats, we got to hang out with this guy.

Shadow Leopard

This gorgeous leopard was named Shadow and he was awesome. Finally, I got to hold some tiny baby bunny rabbits.

Baby Bunny

So much fun! It was a nice change from my usual work day and I got to meet some of our newest students. They also made my day when they asked, “so what year are you?” Sadly, I didn’t come home with a pet (to Riley’s surprise), but I had a great time.

Workout & Breakfast

Today I woke up ready to get in some strength training. It’s been a cardio-tastic week for me, which I definitely don’t mind, but I felt like I needed to switch it up a bit.

I got to the gym around 5:00 and hopped on the treadmill for a quick 20 minute run before grabbing a kettlebell to do this circuit:

Friday Full-Body Circuit

Felt good to lift something! I ended up doing 2 rounds, then finishing up with some extra ab exercises and stretching.

After getting ready for work, I fixed a bowl of cereal with some chia seeds, blueberries, dried cranberries, and some almond butter. I’ve got a full day of work ahead so hopefully it keeps me full for a while!


Well, off I go to work. Happy Friday, everyone!!

What are you doing this weekend?

Do you volunteer anywhere?


19 thoughts on “Funny Farm

  1. aww what a fun volunteer project!! wow a leopard- thats so awesome!! also awesome- “what year are you?” isnt that the best?? the other night the bartender carded me, and not my boyfriend, and i have to say it made me really happy, not ashamed to admit it 🙂 have a great weekend!!

  2. I have been thinking I should do some volunteering at animal shelters around the city. This makes me want to look into it. Those bunnies are cute! This weekend is pretty casual… except i’m cutting off like 6-12 inches of my hair, I’m nervous.

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