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Pics From the Weekend

Hey Everyone! Did you have a good weekend? Mine was super short since I worked all day Saturday, but I did get in some fun time while I could.

On the plus side, I officially get to start in my new office today, so I’m longer in limbo between two different places.

New Office

Not pictured: my new coffee station. Coffee is crucial for me, especially on a Monday!

Since my weekend was super short, not a  whole lot happened. Saturday I walked Bella and made some spinach & feta egg whites before heading off to work.

Walking Bella

Egg white scramble and blueberries

Saturday night we had homemade pizza for dinner. Spinach & ricotta with some prosciutto. Delicious!

Spinach ricotta pizza

Spinach ricotta pizza (2)

I definitely passed out by 10:00 on Saturday. I guess last week really caught up to me!

Sunday morning I woke up and it was a glorious 64 degrees outside. I’ve been loving my Sunday runs in Colonial Williamsburg, so I headed out there to run a little over 4 miles.

DOG Street

So pretty! Time-wise, this wasn’t my best run. A couple of the miles were over 10 min/mile, but I didn’t mind. My body was pretty worn out from the week so I was just glad I made it out there! It was a gorgeous morning and there were a ton of other walkers and runners around me.

This morning I slept in until just after 6:00, which felt awesome. I stayed up watching some of the VMAs last night so I figured a 4:30 wake up call was a bad idea. I made some breakfast sandwiches to freeze yesterday so I heated one up this morning. Best idea ever! I know everyone has seen these suckers on Pinterest, but I actually got around to making them and they are delicious!

Breakfast sandwich and grapes

Naturally, I failed to take pictures while I was making them, but I’ll post what I did next time!

Now that my super short weekend is over, I’m back off to work for another busy week. Have a great day!

What did you do this weekend?



19 thoughts on “Pics From the Weekend

  1. Your homemade pizzas look like they were made in a restaurant!!! So yummy! Sometimes it’s nice to forget to take pictures and just live in the moment! This weekend was crazy busy. I’m already looking forward to next weekend so I can relax gah!

  2. I LOVE prosciutto on pizza, it’s one of my favorite toppings! I also am jealous of your office. My career path probably doesn’t require one but I always wanted my own. 🙂

  3. Your new office is so cozy!
    I think it’s awesome that you got out and ran 4 miles after working 6 days in a row and having another full week ahead of you! I fit mine in before my 6th day but I definitely did not feeling like doing anything after work on Sunday.
    I was just craving some homemade pizza (carb cravings from stress!) and yours looks fantastic.
    Bella is adorable too, how old is she?

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