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Falling Off The Wagon….So To Speak

Confession time: I did a bad thing yesterday. I was stressed. And tired. And grumpy about being stressed and tired. And when I got home from work, I decided it was a great idea to do the following:

  • Put extra cheese on my Shepard’s pie leftovers, because the piles of cheese already on top were, clearly, not enough for me.
  • Eat BBQ chips right out of the bag 20 minutes later.
  • Eat a giant chocolate chip cookie 15 minutes after that.
  • Drink 3 glasses of wine.

Yep, that about covers it! I’m feeling much better today and did manage to redeem myself this morning (we’ll get to workout/breakfast time in a minute), but I thought I’d use my “moment of weakness” as an opportunity to remind everyone (and myself, I suppose) that we’re all human.

Hopefully you all can empathize with me on this one. Every once in a while classic stress relievers- exercise, positive thinking, meditation, whatever- they’re just not cutting it. I’ll eat mindlessly, throw caution to the wind, and afterwards I can only do one thing: shrug my shoulders, buck up, and move on, despite the tiny panicked feeling after I realize just how much crap I managed to feed myself in a 60-minute time period.

Sometimes in the land of healthy bloggers, it can seem like everyone is high on flax seed and high-intensity-intervaling their way through stressful times. Positive thinking is great, don’t get me wrong. Ask anyone- I am the QUEEN of positive thinking. But every now and then, dammit, I wanna eat chips out of the bag. Processed, artificially flavored, where-does-the-color-come-from chips. And I refuse to feel bad about it.

So how do I bounce back from this kind of garbage-fest? I move on. I accept the fact that I took indulgence to a whole new level and get back on the wagon. Cause I really do like flax seed, and a great workout can work wonders!

Today’s a brand new day and so we’re just going to pretend last night didn’t happen!

Workout & Breakfast

When the alarm went off at 4:30, I got up without complaint (I ate my weight in BBQ chips last night, now’s not the time to be a slacker!) and got dressed for the gym.

Once there, I hopped on the adaptive motion trainer for 35 minutes of intervals. After my cardio I grabbed a medicine ball and worked my abs for a while. I did most of the moves from my Burnin’ Abs workout and finished up with some stretching. My whole workout took just under an hour.

After I got home and ready for work, I grabbed one of the breakfast sandwiches I pre-made on Monday and heated it up for a minute in the microwave. Quick and easy!

Breakfast Sandwich white cheddar

I’m planning on assembling a salad to take to work for lunch and a couple healthy snacks. I keep individual-sized packs of banana chips, mixed nuts, and fruit in the pantry so I can grab one or two on my way out the door every day.

Have a great day!

What’s your “screw it, I’m eating this anyway” food? Mine is definitely potato chips, preferably BBQ. Lays made a cheesy bread flavor, however, that gives BBQ a run for it’s money.

What are you eating today?



33 thoughts on “Falling Off The Wagon….So To Speak

  1. Cookies…always cookies!

    I love this post, especially the high on flaxseed comment lol. It’s so true that in the healthy living world you feel this pressure to meet some ridiculously perfect standard but we are all human and one or two of these “episodes” don’t make you any less worthy. I.e. was feeling a little depressed on monday so I ate several cookies and then a snickers bar. And guess what? I didn’t explode or completely lose my grip on my attempts to live a healthy lifestyle. I just woke up the next morning and hit the gym. All about balance!

  2. I am a candy freak. When I want to indulge, my main source is skittles, sour patch kids, swedish fish, etc. I am all about the fruity and the chewy. I have no self-control when there is candy in my house. My husband has been known to hide his candy from me so I don’t eat it. Smart man. 🙂

  3. So glad you “confessed” this. It is always refreshing to read the not-so-perfect lives of healthy living bloggers because you are SO right: we are human! We eat our weight in BBQ chips sometimes.

  4. oh girrrrl you are preaching to the choir!! (well, i guess i cant speak for everybody, so by “the choir” i mean “me”) i am the queen of doing exactly what you did after a bad day. personally i usually dive nose first into a huge thing of mac & cheese followed by candy. it happens! the key is to not feel bad about it.

  5. Anything with chocolate in it! Especially Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter. IT was BOGO at Kroger last week. I could eat 3, 4, or even 5 servings of that stuff. YUM.

  6. Don’t feel bad! I stuff my face at the least (and most) stressful situations as well. I have to agree on the chips thing, or even popcorn. I am so much more of a savory snack girl than sweet (although I do have my moments).

  7. I totally agree with this post. . .I like to call it the 90/10 rule – 90% of the time, I eat good and healthy and normal portions and 10% of the time, I don’t! But when I have a 10% day or meal, I try to increase my water intake and healthy snacks the next day or meal to balance it out!! I love desserts – cupcakes especially. 😉

  8. thanks for posting something so honest. so many bloggers make it sound like they eat perfectly 24/7. as long as you work out and eat healthy on a regular basis, it’s not the end of the world to eat something unhealthy. i usually go for homemade cookies or carrot cake if i am gonna indulge 🙂

  9. Haha…I think we’ve all been there sister. When I had to work on the weekend the week before last, I downed an entire donut for lunch and then had dessert when I got home later too. Stress can cause us to make bad decisions but as long as it’s only one day and not every day then that’s okay.
    You seem to have the right attitude about it. You just have to move on! 🙂

  10. I totally relate to this post! while I try to eat healthy *most* of the time, and I really do prefer to eat that way…. I go for 80/20. and that 20 has plenty of chips, cheese, WHITE pasta and bread, beer and wine! just like you…. I refuse to feel bad about it! we only get 1 life to enjoy 😉 the world of healthy food & fitness blogging can start to pressure you to be — or at least appear — perfectly healthy, but I find it much more refreshing when we are open about the truth. so thanks! 🙂

  11. I feel like this post describes my life once a week! My go-to food is unfortunately donuts. I can’t help but buy one when I go to the grocery store, they just smell sooooo good as I’m shopping! And I had no idea that Lays makes a cheesy bread flavored chip…you may have just ruined my life! JK 🙂 I’m actually going to try to eat healthier so I’ll have to hit up your blog more to get some good ideas!

  12. Really great post. I think eating infidelities sometimes is good for the mind, body and soul. As long as we don’t over indulge too often. I had to really train my mind that a few cookies every now and again won’t make me fat or unhealthy. This philosophy helps to keep me from the Yo-yo dieting cycle and helps me to keep off the pounds. I’m a cookie/baked goods cheater. Pass me a brownie on treat day!

  13. I don’t run or exercise due to physical issues/fatigue…used to be athlete though. not overweight…but my habits still poor. After a full day/night eating, I ate 4 ice cream bars and they are 180 calories each …so over 700 calories of crap at 11 pm after eating all day….and NEVER any exercise and unfortunately long term constipation…
    so yeah…

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