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Staying Healthy On The Road

Good morning! I’m still in Charlotte for work this week and I’m heading home this afternoon. I’ve been trying to stick to a good routine with my food and workouts. With that in mind, I thought I’d give you a few of my tips for staying healthy when traveling for work.

Now, mind you, this is very different than when you travel for vacation. That has a whole different set of rules because, well, you’re on vacation and you get more leeway. When you travel for work, however, that free pass to do whatever the hell you want just isn’t there. If, like me, you travel more than just a few days a year for work, you have to make a real effort to stay as healthy as possible. If you don’t, you could wind up getting way off track and getting sick. Not cool.

Here are the top 5 things I do when I travel for work.

1) Pick a hotel with free breakfast.

I look up the hotel and check to see if they offer free breakfast before anything else. The free breakfasts at most hotels offer a ton of healthy choices – fruit, yogurt, peanut butter, English muffins, etc.- that make your first meal a no-brainer. This saves you from buying that giant pastry at Starbucks because you have no other options.

2) Pick a hotel with a decent gym.

If my hotel doesn’t have an awesome gym, I check to see if they partner with a local gym and give free passes. The one I’m staying at this week has a very minimal gym, but the gym at the hotel next door is free for me to use. This means I have cardio machines, dumbbells, weight machines, and more. No excuses this way!


3) Try to keep a schedule, but allow yourself some flexibility.

My schedule when I travel is very different from my normal schedule, so I don’t need to wake up at 4:30 to get my workout in. I also have a hard time sleeping well on the road, so I don’t force myself to get up super early if it means I’ll be exhausted. Moving my workout until the afternoon works perfectly fine, just as long as I get it in at some point.

4) Get plenty of rest.

Traveling for work puts a different kind of strain on your body: hours sitting in a car, airports, germs everywhere, the change in schedule. It’s a perfect recipe for getting sick. Make sure you keep taking your vitamins, get plenty of sleep, and put fruits and veggies into your meals. It will make a huge difference in how well your body handles the change!

Take it where you can get it!

5) Don’t forget your workout gear.

I forgot socks one time. Who forgets socks?! I did, and it made for a very uncomfortable workout. That’s right, I worked out without socks, and it sucked. At least I kept to rule #3, though! I haven’t forgotten socks since that day.

Yesterday’s Lunch and Workouts

Yesterday, I had lunch at this awesome restaurant in Charlotte called Luna’s Living Kitchen. It came up when I Googled “best healthy food in Charlotte”, so I figured I’d give it a shot. It’s all raw vegetarian and vegan food. I’m not a vegetarian, but I appreciate going meatless every now and then.

Their menu had so much to choose from! They also had an extensive smoothie and juice menu that looked delicious. I decided on the Lunasagna, which was zucchini lasagna with sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms. It was made with a vegan cashew-basil cheese that they make themselves. The lasagna was served with a side spinach salad that was also really good.

Lunasagna Luna's Living Kitchen

I basically devoured it. I wanted to try their juices too, so maybe on my way out of town I’ll make a quick stop there. If you’re in the Charlotte area, I highly recommend trying out!

After a quick nap in my hotel, I headed over to the gym for a workout. I’d only gotten in 30 minutes the day before, so I was itching for a good sweat.

I started off with a 25 minute run on the treadmill that incorporated a lot of sprints and a couple hills. Then I hopped on the bike for another 25 minutes. After my cardio I headed over to the weight room and did a quick abs circuit followed by some squats and dealifts. It was a great workout and I was super sweaty!

I’m taking my time this morning since I don’t have any visits scheduled until later, then I’m headed home this afternoon!

Have a great day everyone!

What are your tips for staying healthy on the road?


9 thoughts on “Staying Healthy On The Road

  1. Some great tips here 🙂 I definitely think scoping out the gym is key! Depending on where I’m going I like to take food with me if I can or bring supplies to make stuff depending on the facilities in the hotel room.

    That lasagne looked so so good!!

  2. oh wow these are some GREAT tips! you’ve really found the perfect balance between keeping your healthy schedule, and making adjustments that your body needs being on the road, like more rest, etc. you should write an ebook on this! im not kidding- people (myself included) would gladly pay for tips like these!

  3. Awesome tips! I travel tons and yes I always look for a gym. Interestingly I avoid most of their breakfasts since I can’t do eggs anymore, but I do ask for a fridge in my room to keep fruit and hopefully I can find a nearby grocery to get a few things

  4. My best tip would be to take some healthy snacks with you, that way you will never be stuck when you are hungry. I also make a list of some hotel room workouts and have them on hand if there isnt a gym or I just dont fancy leaving my room!

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