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Home Sweet Home

I’m home! Yesterday was a long day of visits and driving. I was able to make a pit-stop for lunch at a place called Zoe’s Kitchen and got a Greek salad with grilled chicken. It was phenomenal! The chicken was super tender and it hit the spot before a long drive back.

Salad Zoe's Kitchen

Once I got home I quickly realized just how little sleep I got this week, so I didn’t last long before hitting the sack. I was in bed by 9:00, which felt fabulous!

Workout & Breakfast

I wanted to get back into my normal routine this morning, so I got up at 4:30 and hit the gym. I was really stiff from the long drive so I decided to stick with some cardio, abs, and stretching. I did 35 minutes on the adaptive motion trainer, then did a quickie 5-minute ab circuit before spending some time stretching. My body feels so stiff so I think I need to find a hot yoga class somewhere this weekend!

Once I got home I made some breakfast. When I was in Charlotte I visited a healthy food store that carried this stuff:

Coconut flax chia

Chocolate, coconut, flax and chia seeds. How awesome is that? I decided to make a smoothie this morning using coconut & vanilla flavored Greek yogurt, a banana, almond milk, and a couple spoonfuls of the flax seed.

Coconut flax smoothie ingredients

Coconut flax smoothie

It was delicious! I’m about to head into the office now for a super busy day of playing catch-up. Hopefully I won’t have too much to do cause I’m ready for a gorgeous weekend!!

Finally, since it’s Friday I’ll leave you with some funnies to start your day with!

Getting Healthy: Expectations Vs. Reality

Clumsy Cat Compilation

Dog Cleans The House While Owner Is Gone– So cute!

Have a great weekend!!

What are you up to this weekend?

Any outdoor workouts planned? I’m planning to do my usual Sunday run in Colonial Williamsburg, and hopefully going on a hike or something else outdoorsy with one of my friends.


7 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Yum that flaxseed blend sounds so so good!!

    I’ve got to do another long training run outside this weekend, I’m hoping it doesn’t rain for that. My reward for it is then tomorrow night we have friends coming over and I’ll be drinking lots of red wine and eating pizza 🙂

  2. Glad you made it home okay! I was thinking of doing a hot yoga class this weekend too. It’s been forever since I’ve done one and it always feels so good.
    That smoothie looks delicious. Chocolate & coconut are always a good combination.

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