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Weekend Recap- First Day of Fall!

Good morning! It’s Monday again and way too fast if you ask me. I had a fabulous time relaxing, getting stuff done, and having some family time.

Let’s start the recap at the beginning! Friday I came home from work, poured a glass of wine, and had some snuggle time with Coco on the back deck.

This is her serious face. She loves to sit on my lap with her belly hanging out.

Coco and Kelly 2

Once the sun went down we had some homemade pizza and relaxed at home all evening. We had a random visitor show up to our screen door wanting to make some friends. Unfortunately, Coco and Bella were not interested. Or maybe they were. Judging by the hissing and growling, however, I’m gonna guess that they were not happy about another cat on their deck! Can you spot the intruder?

Coco and Bella intruder

Saturday was a lazy day at home. After watching food shows on TV all afternoon, we went to an early dinner at a local restaurant called New York Deli. I love this place and they have some awesome food! I went with a chicken parmesan sub (on wheat bread, so I could pretend it was healthy) and some onion rings (vegetables?). It was worth every single calorie, even though I definitely couldn’t finish it all!

NY Deli Collage

Sunday morning, I got up around 7:30 and headed over to Colonial Williamsburg for my run. This is the sixth week I’ve been running in CW on Sundays and I’m still loving it! I can’t wait until the leaves start changing colors as we get into fall! I covered 4 miles at just under an average of 10 mph before heading home to get ready for the day.

Yesterday was my aunt’s 60th birthday so my uncle threw her a surprise party. All week she thought no one was doing anything for her birthday, so she was so surprised and happy to see everyone there! My mom and sister weren’t able to make it down, so I represented our side of the family.

Kelly and Aunt nancyMy aunt does CrossFit and has for a few years now. I don’t know a lot of 60-year-olds who are that hard-core, so I’m super impressed with her! Some of her coaches came to the party and my uncle had a Paleo-friendly station set up in their honor.
Aunt Nancy's Party Collage 2I had a veggie omelet from the omelet station and some bacon. I also helped myself to a couple mimosas 😉Omelet Nancy's party Aunt Nancy's Party Collage 1

It was great to see some family for a few hours and wish my aunt a happy birthday!

The rest of my Sunday was spent cleaning, doing laundry, and anxiously awaiting the next Breaking Bad episode. I can’t even handle that show right now!

Busy Monday- Workout and Breakfast

Today starts a new recruiting trip until Thursday and…. it’s the end of an era at work.

Boss Sign

No, I haven’t died. My students made this sign once they realized I would no longer be their boss after I got my promotion this summer. We’ve been working to get a replacement (yes, I’ve been doing the work of two people for the last 3 months!), and she officially starts today. I’m excited to pass the torch and focus more fully on my current role, but I will miss being the boss to the awesome student’s I’ve gotten to supervise over the past 3 years!

This morning, I got up super early and hit the gym for a quick 20 minutes on the adaptive motion trainer followed by some ab work, squats, and lunges. I had to pack for my trip so there wasn’t much time for an extensive workout.

Breakfast was vanilla Greek yogurt topped with this amazing Pumpkin Spice Granola from Trader Joe’s. I just discovered it last week and it’s going quickly!


I’m off to Fredericksburg and Leesburg, VA this week, so I’ll be writing from the road. Hope you all have a great Monday!

How was your weekend? 

What workouts have you done today? (or have planned)

15 thoughts on “Weekend Recap- First Day of Fall!

  1. Haha I love that your students made you that sign!!

    Coco is just too cute! I love how rattled they were by that intruder! 🙂

    That New York Deli place sounds so worth the calories for sure, I am drooling at what you had.

    I took a day off from working out as I wasn’t feeling 100% this morning, I was meant to go after work and I still wasn’t feeling well so I decided to give my body some rest.

  2. Oh my goodness, your aunt does cross fit?? That’s amazing! Joe was in the army and mentioned he was thinking about it, and I was nervous about that for him haha. Good for her! I always enjoy hearing about your Sunday runs. They sound beautiful and peaceful down there 🙂 Have a safe trip, hun!

  3. Kelly – thanks so much for coming to help celebrate my 60th birthday; it was great seeing you and you took some really terrific pictures. I look forward to seeing you Friday as we celebrate as grandma taught us …. the entire month!!!! Uncle Chuck said your omelet looked amazing and he wished he had had one haha. Again, thanks for making the drive; I felt so loved. Aunt Nancy

  4. They even make pumpkin spice granola?? Ahhh…I’m so behind on all the pumpkin spice options of the world. I need to get caught up on my recipes this week big time!

  5. Aw, I love that Coco cuddles with you and with her belly hanging out, haha. Every cat I have ever had would be like, “see you later!” if I let them outside. What a special kitty!

    Your aunt looks unbelievable for her age! Apparently, Crossfit does a body good.

    Have a safe work trip!

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