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Headed Home!

Good morning! I’m heading back home in a little bit and just wanted to check in before I hit the road.

Yesterday was spent entertaining some guidance counselors and prospective families at this gorgeous resort I mentioned up in Northern Virginia. We enjoyed some amazing views!



In between sessions yesterday, I hit the hotel gym for some light cardio. I know I probably should have been napping since I’m sick, but I couldn’t help myself. As I was lounging in my hotel I realized that all of my co-workers were exercising except for me! So of course, I changed into my workout clothes and headed down to join them. I figured getting in a good sweat could help flush out some toxins!

I ran on the treadmill for 25 minutes, then hopped on a cross ramp trainer for another 20. I was too sore from Tuesday’s strength training, so simple cardio it was. Nothing fancy, but it actually made me feel a lot better for the next few hours and got me through the evening programs.

I got an awesome surprise at our evening reception. My college roommate and one of my best friends showed up to say hi! Megan and I have been friends now for the last 10 years and it was pretty cool for us to see all the prospective students at last night’s event and realize it had been over a decade since we were in their shoes.



Megan was in my wedding and lives in D.C. now. It was so great to see her just for a little bit and added a nice perk to my long week! After our event, a few of us headed to the hotel bar for a drink and to unwind. By the time I crawled under the sheets I was so ready for sleep!

This morning I’m off to find some breakfast and gas up the car before heading home. My boss is being super nice and told me I should just take care of what I need to today and tomorrow, but leave early for the weekend so I can rest up and get better. I’m back on the road Sunday afternoon, so if I don’t kick this cold soon it’ll be no fun! Next week I’m on my own, however, so I’ll probably take it a lot easier than I did this week.

Sorry for the lack of food pictures these past couple days. I’ve been traveling with my boss and our university president, so it’s waaaay too awkward taking food pics in front of them!

Have a great day and I’ll catch up with you later!

Do you live close by to your college friends?

Do you feel awkward taking pictures all the time?


5 thoughts on “Headed Home!

  1. Yes there are definitely awkward moments sometimes when I go to take food shots! My boyfriend gets embarrassed if the flash on my phone goes off as we are out to eat.

    Take it easy on yourself I know you want to get your cardio in but running 25mins when your sick might not make you feel any better. I might be projecting though my little cold yesterday has grown and now I think I am completely sick, I just don’t want the same thing to happen to you!

  2. Fell better soon! Get some rest and lots of tea and water. I used to feel weird about taking lots of pics, but got over it ;). My best friend from college lives here in Atlanta, but most of my other closest friends are elsewhere which makes it extra special when I get to see them!

  3. Ha, I wouldn’t be taking pictures with my boss around either–I definitely feel awkward. I am lucky to live close (within an hour or so) to a lot of of my college friends although two of my very best college friends live in Arizona 😦 Rest up!!

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