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Highlights Of A Short Weekend

it’s Monday again? I feel like we just did this. Last week I worked 7 straight days and let me tell you- it was killer. I did get a short reprieve, however, and got in some fun and relaxation.

My cousin’s wedding Friday was a blast! It took us a solid 2 hours (twice what it should have….) to get to the wedding due to insane traffic. I hate being late and I’m sure I was driving Riley nuts in the car! Once we got there, though, we had a great time. The wedding site was gorgeous and the reception was outside under a huge tent.


IMG_2032Unfortunately, I didn’t get many good pictures. Once the sun went down it was super dark under the tent. Riley and I did take advantage of the photo booth to get a couple cute pictures, though.


We had to cut the evening a little short since I had to work Saturday morning. They seriously did such a great job with the wedding, complete with fireworks (which I missed cause I was in the bathroom) and burgers/fries at the end of the night. I was also great to see my family for a few hours!

Saturday was mostly uneventful. I worked until about 2:00 and then promptly came home and took a nap! Saturday night we stayed in and made homemade pizza. Riley made a spinach and ricotta pizza with prosciutto, which he’s made before. It was delicious, as usual!


Yesterday, I woke up without an alarm, which was such an amazing feeling! After 7 straight work days of being on a schedule, it felt really good to sleep until 8:00.  I threw on some workout clothes and drove the 5 minutes to Colonial Williamsburg for a 3 mile run. I took a new route that took me past all of the bed & breakfast’s and was also excited to see the CW horses out and about.

CW House1

CW Horses

My long week must have caught up with me because 3 miles felt a lot longer for some reason! I finished with a 9:35 average pace, so even though I took a pretty hilly route through town, I still did pretty well.

After my run, I walked around for about 15 minutes to enjoy the sights. They were setting up for a big arts festival that was happening later in the day. I made big plans to come back after a shower and enjoy the food, music, and art. But then brunch happened.

Sunday Brunch

Riley made his usual weekly feast and about 10 minutes after he left for his football Sunday with the guys, I promptly crawled into bed with the cat in a food coma. Coco slept on my head with me for about 2 hours and it felt amazing!

Once I got back up, I decided to do some cooking and baking. First up was some pumpkin bread.

Pumpkin Bread

Don’t get too excited, it’s from a box mix. A girl’s only got so much time in the day! I did buy some great pumpkin butter from Trader Joe’s that I’m sure will go really well with this!

The second thing I made was pasta salad. I used a recipe Gina posted over at The Fitnessista the other day. She called it the best pasta salad you’ll ever have and I was definitely happy with the way it turned out!

Pasta Salad 1

Her recipe makes a lot! If you aren’t planning on making this for a crowd, it’s great for make-ahead lunches. I’m planning on adding some chicken or tuna and taking small batches to work with me this week.

After I finished my food prep, I cleaned the house and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. All in all, it was a good weekend!

Today begins another long week (6 days) so I’m off to get my coffee pot started at the office and get to it! Hope you all have a great day!

What was the highlight of your weekend?


19 thoughts on “Highlights Of A Short Weekend

  1. So my mom asked me what I want for dinner when I go home this weekend. Homemade pizza is going to be my answer now 🙂

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