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Back To Being Fall!

Good morning, blogger land! We had some crazy rain come through our area yesterday which we desperately needed. I was just happy to come home from work and have an excuse to put on yoga pants immediately and lounge. Coco was also more than happy to be lazy with me!

Coco loungin

She lays like that more than I think is normal for a cat….and she rarely stops staring at me, which is also weird.

The rain brought back the cooler weather and it felt so good to walk outside this morning and feel the breeze! After a week of weird temps in the 80s, I’m happy to have Fall back.

I got up at 4:30 this morning and got ready to hit the gym. No matter how many times I do it, it always feels like a small victory when I manage to get out of the bed that early!

I started my workout with a 25 minute run on the treadmill. I recently downloaded some new songs and my favorite song today was definitely Applause by Lady Gaga. Definitely a good workout song! I have no idea what she’s singing during the chorus, but I tried to sing along anyway.

After my run, I grabbed a pair of dumbbells and a medicine ball for the following circuit:

Quick Rounds Circuit

After 10 minutes of stretching, I was ready to head home and grab a shower. Great start to the day!

Breakfast today was definitely a winner as well.

Quinoa crunch breakfast bowl

I put plain Greek yogurt in a bowl and topped it with quinoa granola, honeycrisp apple chunks and honey. Oh my gosh, so good!

Now I’m off to work! I’ve got a snack stash with me and some more pasta salad for lunch. I hope you all have a great day!

What’s your workout plan for the day?


15 thoughts on “Back To Being Fall!

  1. Haha. I want to steal Coco. She stares at you because she loves you, so sweet!

    I think it’s a HUGE victory every time you get out of bed at 4:30. You rock.

    I am hoping to fit in some Body Pump tonight so I can work on my muscles. {insert pic of me kissing biceps} πŸ˜‰

  2. You always have SUCH good food! And food I’ve never seen. Did you find the quinoa granola at the grocery store or did you go to a whole foods store for it? P.S., I just tried Justin’s Maple Almond Butter on apples yesterday and it is my new favorite thing. YUM.

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