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Weekday Fails and Confessions

Rain rain go away, you’re ruining my hair! This was me trying to get to my car yesterday:


Then I busted my hand trying to get the umbrella closed and bled halfway through the car ride home. Gah! The last 15 hours have been one big epic fail so far and my week is starting to look like this:

Thank you, Franzia box wine, for making this week easier. I figured I’d give you a few confessions for the day to hopefully make you feel a little better about how your own day is going!

Confession: I made pre-packaged macaroni and cheese (yes, with ingredients I didn’t recognize. Gasp!) with dinner last night. And went back for seconds.

Mac and cheese dinner

Not pictured: the second giant helping I ate after this plate. I joked with Riley that I should take a picture of the empty mac and cheese container and put it on the blog. But seriously.

Confession: I did not work out today. I skipped right to rushing through my shower just to get to work on time.

Confession: This was my breakfast:

PB Banana breakfast

Eaten at the kitchen counter while pouting to Riley that today already sucks (man, am I a big baby today or what?!).

Confession: Due to the disgusting rain that won’t go away, I decided there was no need to wash my hair today. I haven’t washed it since Monday…..Thanks, Tresemme dry shampoo, for helping me stay presentable!

As I’m writing this, my morning coffee is starting to kick in, so I have a feeling my day will start to turn around. And it better soon, because otherwise I have a feeling I’ll be sitting in a Wendy’s parking lot eating my feelings if I don’t get it together! I’m exaggerating of course, because I’m dramatic. I’ll eat my feelings at Panera.

Don’t worry, next time we talk I’ll be fresh out of the gym (and with clean hair), but for now? Send me chocolate and have a great day!

Any fails this week that you feel like sharing with the group?

How long is too long to go without washing your hair? Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s gone 4 days!


11 thoughts on “Weekday Fails and Confessions

  1. Ummm..totally went to work with unwashed hair this week. (Shhhhhh) I meant to go to the gym at work in the morning and shower after, but then I realized I left my shoes and real shampoo at home. Fail. Thank the hair gods for dry shampoo.

  2. I hope the rain goes away… that is seriously not fun at all! Okay confession: I was my hair everyday. I know it’s bad but my hair gets soooo greasy (even too greasy for Tresseme to work it’s magic) hoping your day gets better love!

  3. #1. Pre-packaged mac and cheese is awesome. I am glad you had seconds. #2. That is a perfectly delicious breakfast. #3. Just tell me what Wendy’s or Panera to meet you if needed. Both sound perfect right about now!!

  4. Gotta love those days when everything seems to go wrong. Sorry about your hand. Ouch.

    I think eating your feelings at Panera sounds like a great idea…compared to Wendy’s. Hopefully you get a good night’s sleep and feel better tomorrow.

    I have wore my hair up in a frizzy bun every single day this week and haven’t put on makeup. I’m surprised my patients aren’t complaining about what a mess I look like. But I’m too busy to give a crap.

  5. Confession: I don’t think I could live without dry shampoo. I try to wash my hair every 2-3 days, but there are definitely time where I have to push 4. We do what we gotta do 😉 And I honestly see nothing wrong with that breakfast — delicious AND nutritious!

  6. Lady you are in a safe space! I’ve gone a week without washing my hair and my best friend regularly only washes her hair once a week as it is better for her frizz factor not to do it so often. I think I last washed my hair on Sunday, it is now Friday, it needed a wash this morning but then I was running late, that is why I love using sock buns!

    confession, I friggin love boxed mac n cheese in all its chemical glory 😉

    confession I ate a kitkat yesterday and enjoyed it when I definitely didn’t need it I just wanted chocolate!

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