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Exercise Is The Best Medicine

You guys, I was a grump yesterday! Thanks for all your nice comments and confessions, they definitely made me feel better throughout the day. When I finally got home from work, Riley had vacuumed the house for me. He knows that vacuum marks on a carpet can do wonders for my mood! I still felt like I needed something extra to turn my day around, though.

I realized one of the reasons I was grumpy was probably because I’d skipped my morning workout. Would my morning have been better if I’d worked out? Probably. With that in mind, I laced up my sneakers and headed out into the rain and ran 2.5 miles.

Rainy leaves

I didn’t even mind that it was so gross outside and rainy or that my run wasn’t very long. I just knew I needed it! Just goes to show you, there’s not a lot that a quick workout can’t help.

After returning home, my whole day was turned around! I did some foam rolling, had a great shower, and ate dinner with Riley while catching up on Modern Family. For dinner, Riley made a huge salad with all the leftover veggies in the fridge.

Big Salad

big salad1

He also boiled some pasta to go with some leftover turkey meat sauce.

salad and pasta dinner

After some relaxation, I headed to bed to read my book for a while before falling asleep super early. Definitely ended the day on a good note!

Workout & Breakfast

Today I was awake before my 4:30 alarm even went off. In fact, I woke up at 3 AM, wide awake! Don’t you just hate when that happens? Since trying to fall back asleep seemed like the worse option, I got up and headed to the gym right at opening time.

I wasn’t feeling an intense workout today, so I just did 25 minutes on the adaptive motion trainer and some ab work before stretching for a while.

Since I’d been awake for a while, I was starving when I got home from the gym! Breakfast today was a yogurt bowl topped with quinoa granola, honeycrisp apple, and honey, just like the other day. It was too good not to make again! Since I was so hungry, I also heated up a slice of pumpkin bread and topped it with pumpkin butter from Trader Joe’s.

yogurt bowl1

pumpkin bread breakfast

Now I’m ready to take on another long day at work. I’m not totally celebrating Friday since I have to work tomorrow, but I am looking forward to date night with Riley tonight. We also have another wedding tomorrow night, so it’ll be a busy weekend for me!

Hope you have a great day and an even better weekend!

What are you weekend plans?

What’s your go-to workout when you’re stressed? Some people prefer something soothing, like yoga, when they’re stressed out. A good run is better for me. I like to put on my angriest music and start doing sprints. Gets all that stress out in no time!


17 thoughts on “Exercise Is The Best Medicine

  1. Exercise is definitely a good mood booster. I always think of that line from Legally Blonde… “Exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make us happy. Happy people don’t kill people” 😆 Classic.

    And seeing as it’s Thanksgiving weekend up here in Canada, my plan is to eat ALL the foods 😀

  2. What time does your gym open lady? Woah you got up at 3am in time for opening? When does it open like 3.30am? that is kind of crazy but kind of awesome at the same time!!

    Riley is the greatest, love that he vacuumed and got you dinner that is too nice. Well done on running in the rain, I may be doing just that for my race tomorrow!

    • My gym opens at 5, so I just laid in bed until 4:45 haha. There is a 24-hour gym in town, so I do wonder who works out at 2AM. Good luck tomorrow!!! Or maybe you’ve already run it……if so, I hope it went well!

      • Woah that is dedicated though getting there at 5am, mine opens at 6am on Weekdays but on Weekends it doesn’t open till 8am.

        Yes we have a 24 hour gym nearby too and I’ve wondered the same thing. Night shift workers? I don’t know 🙂

        Thank you I have now run it and I am glad to have it over with.

  3. I definitely love running when I am stressed. I actually think it’s the best thing I can do for my stress level. I always run better and faster when I’m in a bad mood, so the situation ends up at least making me feel good for that reason.

  4. It’s amazing how a workout, even if just a quick one, can completely change your mood! My go to workout is a HiiT workout that really leaves me sweating or a good group class that makes me push as hard as possible without thinking!

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