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Going Home!

Good morning, everyone! Just popping in quickly before I get on the road. I’m driving home today and took the morning off from the gym so I could lounge in my awesome bed here at the Hilton. Normally, I’m fiercely loyal to my Marriott, but I have to admit this bed was really comfy!

Hilton Bed

Yesterday’s events went really well, though I’m very glad I no longer have to stand around in a suit smiling at people and trying not to shake their hands (I really don’t want to get sick again!). I’m also glad I won’t have to avoid the dessert table every night!


I’ve been really good about saying no to most of the desserts offered at these things. It’s definitely a challenge, though, especially once I start to get tired and have been standing in heels for 4-5 hours!

Today’s post is super short since I have no workout or breakfast to report. I’m told we have a breakfast buffet as part of our room, so I’m off to check it out before we hit the road.

I can’t wait to see Riley, Bella, and Coco this afternoon! I’m definitely more than ready to get home and see my little family. Hope you all have a great Thursday and I’ll catch up with you later!


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