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The Best Parts About Home

I’m going home today! Travel season, you’ve been fun, but I’m ready to be home with Riley and my fur babies!

Coco & Bella sunbathing

I’m so excited to see their little faces later today! I have one high school visit, 3 hours of driving, and a stop at the office between me and my house.

A few things I miss the most about home when I’m gone:

1) Riley! He’s my favorite πŸ™‚

Kelly and Riley on beach-Mexico

2) Hugs. I love hugs and strangely, no one hugs me when I’m on the road.Β  I’m excited to finally get some love again!

3) My gym. I’ve been fairly un-motivated to use my hotel’s gym because it only has a couple cardio machines and there’s not really any room to do anything. I know I could have made something work, but I just wasn’t feelin’ it. I can’t wait to be in my own gym from now on!

4) Home-cooked meals! I’ve had the same breakfast every day this week and I’m looking forward to my own kitchen. Put that with Riley’s cooking, and it’s basically perfect. Yay for real food!

Garden Salad

5) My pets, obviously. I definitely asked a random couple if I could pet their dog yesterday cause I missed mine so much. Coco and Bella, I’m on my way!

That’s all I got today, you guys. I’m about to hit the road, so hope you all have a great day!

What do you miss the most about home when you’re gone?


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