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Partying, Eating, and Costumes

This weekend was so much fun! I’ve been a bit of a social recluse lately due to work, so it felt good to re-join the world and hang out with some friends. My weekend included sleeping in, awesome brunches at home, a Halloween party, great football food at a friend’s house and snuggling with my pets.

In the interest of time, I’ll try to keep my recap to a quick list of the highlights with some pictures.

Weekend Highlights

1) Dinner out with Riley Friday night and finding everything we needed for last-minute Halloween costumes at Walmart.

2) Pancakes Saturday morning

Pancakes and coffee

3) Best Halloween party ever!

Halloween Party Collage

Every year, our friends Brendan and Tara put on an amazing Halloween party. They spend 3 whole days decorating the entire house AND the whole yard (it’s a big house and yard!) and have a ton of great food. Everyone dresses up and it’s not unusual for the party to last until morning. Luckily, we left around 12:30, but others stayed up until 6 AM!

Every year the party evolves and we find ourselves saying, “this is the best year ever!” The house seriously looked amazing. This year was an 80’s theme so everyone had some fun and crazy costumes on!

Kelly Halloween Collage

Not only did they go all out on decorations, they hired a bartender to take care of our drinks and they also hired a band! The band played 3 sets of mostly 80’s songs and they were really good. I think even they were impressed with how great the party was! Being more of a 90’s girl myself, I recognized about half the songs. Part of me really wished we could break out some Paula Abdul or some 90’s hip hop. Maybe next year 🙂

Riley’s costume introduced me to the fact that people actually wore athletic shorts over sweat pants in the 80s. Do any of you remember that? I sure don’t, but apparently it was a thing!

Kelly and Riley Halloween 2

4) Sleeping in Sunday morning and having a yummy brunch at home. Riley made eggs, potatoes, bacon, and biscuits. After a late night, that food with a big cup of coffee hit the spot!

5) Snuggling with Coco in front of the fire.

Coco fire

I had great intentions of going for a run like I usually do on Sundays. My legs were still pretty sore from my workout on Saturday, however, so I decided to do the complete opposite of working out: watching Lifetime movies and eating chips. For 4 hours. I regret nothing.

6) Football food and watching the Redskins game with Riley. The boys decided to extend an invitation to their weekly football day, so I went over for a few hours to stuff my face some more and watch the Redskins lose (and they lost bad….).

Football at Italo's

Those are pretty much the highlights! I actually feel refreshed going into the work week after 2 days off and I’m ready to get some stuff done.

I’m off to work, but I’ll catch up with you all later. Hope you had a great weekend!

What was the best part of your weekend?

What was your favorite thing about the 80s?


14 thoughts on “Partying, Eating, and Costumes

  1. It looks like such a fun party! Your friends did it right! I remember watching 80’s movies with the shorts over the sweatpants! I’m glad you were able to enjoy yourself and hang out with friends after all the work you have been doing!

  2. Yes! people totally wore running shorts over sweat pants – isn’t it good that people don’t do that anymore!! Sounds like a great time. But I am more jealous of your 4 hours watching TV – sounds like perfection to me!! 🙂 We spent all weekend moving. And I am tired!

  3. That seriously sounds like an awesome Halloween party — I love it when people go all out like that, but I can’t even imagine the work involved. And I don’t actually remember the shorts over sweat pants thing, but I AM a big fan of a lot of 80’s rock — big hair, tight pants and all 😉

  4. Definitely loved the music from the 80s not so much the outfits though! I remember wearing fluro oversized overalls as they were a trend – I think I was 6 so I can get away with this past fashion disaster.

    Sounds like such a great weekend. Riley is so good for making your breakfast. Always love photos of Coco 🙂

  5. THREE days to decorate and plan the party- wow, that is epic! Those pancakes look so good right now!

    Best thing about the weekend was realising I only have 2 more damn weeks to go of this crap called studying 😉 I was born in the 80’s so missed alot of the fashion trends and styles but the early 90’s… definitely miss all those classic cartoons (Babar, Arthur, Rugrats)- I swear these days its all trash and thoughtless!

  6. Every so often you need those lazy Sundays! Oh my gosh, your friends did an awesome job decorating–how fun! Your costume was so cute too. I was an 80s girl last year and it was the best …sometimes I wish we lived in that era!

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