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Time For New Shoes

My Monday was a blur! I had a busy day at work and have very little to report. I can say that I had some tasty meals yesterday, which is always a plus!

I went out for lunch with a couple co-workers to a sandwich place called Taste Unlimited. I got their roast beef, havarti and house dressing on French bread. Roast beef is my favorite sandwich meat and I’ll get it almost every time I go out for sandwiches or make one at home.

Roaste Beef havarti

I’ve been craving vegetables ever since I got home from my trip last week so Riley made a huge salad last night. We have enough for lunch today so I’m pumped. It had a ton of veggies, grilled chicken, some homemade croutons, and a little bacon on top.

Salad for dinner


It was exactly what I needed for dinner! After some relaxing, I read my book in bed for about an hour before going to sleep super early. Like I said, not a lot to report!

Workout & Breakfast

This morning, I got up at 4:30 when my alarm went off and got dressed for the gym. My plan was to run for 30 minutes on the treadmill, but after 15 minutes my ankle started to throb. Not anything painful, but uncomfortable enough to make me stop. Not really sure what’s going on there, but I think it’s time for new shoes. I’ve had my Brooks Ghost running shoes since last January and I’m pretty sure they’ve hit their expiration date!

Since I didn’t feel like struggling through an uncomfortable run, I switched over to an elliptical cross trainer for another 10 minutes. After my cardio was over I grabbed a medicine ball and did a few rounds of the following (15 reps each):

I finished out my workout with some stretching and I was good to go!

Breakfast today was a Greek yogurt bowl, so nothing new there.

pumpkin pie yogurt bowl

I used honey-flavored Greek yogurt, pumpkin pie granola (found at a farmer’s market), banana slices and chia seeds. Can’t go wrong with that!

Now I’m off to swing by Starbucks for a latte before heading in to work. Hope you all have a great day!

What are your favorite running shoes? I really like my Brooks Ghosts, but I’m open to trying something new. I’ve heard really good things about the Mizuno Wave Sayonara. Let me know what you like!

What’s your favorite sandwich?

How often do you replace your running shoes?

26 thoughts on “Time For New Shoes

  1. i love sandwiches! (like a female joey from friends 🙂 ) i was literally talking about my ideal sandwich yesterday and it goes like this- turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomato, sprouts, swiss and honey mustard on an everything bagel. yes, these are the things i think about 🙂

  2. I hope your ankle doesn’t turn into anything serious! I love Asic Kayanos but my friend swears by the Mizunos you mentioned above. I keep a log of my miles and try to change my shoes every 350 miles although I can usually tell when they need to be switched because my shins start to hurt!

  3. We go to a sandwich place every Sunday called Sandwich Farm and it is amazing! They make all the sandwiches with fresh, local bread. Fred is the guy who makes it, so everyone calls it FredBread. I have had my shoes a little longer and I am way past due for some new ones. I feel like once a year is a pretty good call, but if you run a lot you probably need to get new ones every 6 months.

    • Oh my gosh, that sandwich place sounds amazing. I don’t run a ton (maybe 15 miles a week) so I thought I could make it a year, but I’ve heard the lifespan on Brooks isn’t quite as long as some other shoes.

  4. i LOVE my asics GT2000. they also come in this amazing hot pink but they were out of stock at the time i ordered. i have strange feet that are often hard to find appropriate shoes and the asics are perfect. i also love new balance. if you have wide feet like me, asics or new balance are my suggestion. the gel in the asics are great for impact and feels like you’re wearing clouds on your feet!

  5. My shoes are ooooold — I have a pair of Brooks Glycerins. It wasn’t a problem since I haven’t been running in a while, but I just started up again and noticed I haven’t been loving them all that much. I’ve heard great things about the Mizunos too, so I’m anxious to try them out to see how I like them.

  6. Good for you for listening to your body and stopping your run – that is super tough to do!! I normally run in asics, but just got my first pair of mizunos and I really like them. They have a little less padding in the forefoot than the asics, but very comfy.

  7. That sandwich looks and sounds like it was delicious!! I should buy new shoes more often but I think my average is once a year it’s usually when I start feeling foot and leg pain that I finally replace them but I want to get into better habits and do it earlier.

  8. Is there a way to fedex sandwiches through the computer?

    I’m not much of a runner, so the few times I’ve done fun runs they had mainly been in my lifting shoes, which apparently are really bad for running…oops. I need to invest in a good pair, and usually have stuck to asics or nikes!

  9. A salad made by the hubs and an hour in bed reading sounds like a dream come true, haha.

    I have Nikes but I don’t think they’re very good, considering my right foot has hurt ever since I ran my 10k. I probably need to have my stride tested at a running store- I’ve heard that really helps. Mizunos have a good rep though so I think you’re safe to go with those!

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