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The leaves are falling too fast

Yesterday was the perfect fall day. I didn’t have a ton going on at work, so I took a couple of walking breaks throughout the day. It’s hard to even concentrate on work sometimes when your office overlooks this:


Fall is by far my favorite season! All the trees are the perfect colors right now and it just makes me want to curl up and eat some soup and dream about Thanksgiving. Sadly, a lot of the leaves are falling already and I’m worried we only have another couple weeks of this gorgeousness before it looks like winter. Why does it happen so fast? I feel like the past couple months have just sped by and now I turn around and we’re already a week into November. Slow down, pretty leaves!

For lunch yesterday I ate the last healthy thing we had in the house, which was soup with chicken, rice, and veggies.


It’s officially time for a grocery shopping trip! Looks like I’ll be hitting up Trader Joe’s after work today.

Workout & Breakfast

This morning the alarm went off at 4:30 and I got dressed for the gym. I’m also completely out of clean workout clothes so please don’t judge me, but…I wore the same shirt I wore Monday. It didn’t smell too bad at least. Looks like I’ll also be doing laundry after work today.

I got on the treadmill first thing and started what was meant to be a quick 20 minute run. My Pandora station was playing awesome songs, however, so I kept going. I ran for 35 minutes at a steady pace, then spent the next 10 minutes doing some hills and sprinting intervals. Total I ran over 4.5 miles. I hopped off so I’d have time to stretch, then headed home to shower.

I had a slice of pumpkin bread to hold off the hunger. Right as I got to work, however, I swung by Panera for some coffee and a Mediterranean egg white breakfast sandwich. My favorite!


If you’ve never had Panera’s hazelnut coffee, you are missing out. It’s so ridiculously good and I promise you won’t regret getting it.

Well, now I’m all settled at work and ready for the day. It promises to be a busy one and all this rain will make running around campus a lot less fun than yesterday. Hope you all have a great day!

How fall-ish is it where you live?

Any good finds from Trader Joe’s? I usually try and pick up a couple new items each time I go!


26 thoughts on “The leaves are falling too fast

  1. It’s currently winter here 😉 We lost all our leaves weeks ago, and we’ve already bit hit with snow that appears to be here for good. Le sigh. We only get about 2 or 3 weeks to enjoy the gorgeousness of fall before winter threats to come in and mess everything up. Don’t get me wrong — winter is pretty too — but fall is my favourite season and I’d love to be able to enjoy it longer!

  2. I totally got Panera too!! Caramel latte (skim – no whip cream!) and a blueberry bagel. They have a drive through so it is perfect (a little too perfect) to swing by on the way to work with Luke in the car!

  3. I’m in California, so we don’t get much fall-esque weather 😦 But we do have some leaves changing colors and the evenings are finally starting to get a little cooler. Yay!

    As for TJ’s…sadly my favorite things there are snacks, sugary things…the dark chocolate covered pretzel thins, and the peanut butter chocolate covered pretzels. I can’t help it, I love them. But I also really love their pre-made salads, their green juice, and I try to avoid frozen foods most of the time but they do have some yummy frozen pizzas.

  4. I so wish we had Trader Joes here in Australia but alas we don’t. Panera as well we don’t have but I am drooling at your egg white sandwich it looks delicious!

    Love your office view, I don’t think I’d get much work done either sometimes seeing that. It is meant to be Spring here but the weather is so cold it doesn’t feel Spring-ish at all 😉

  5. I looooove fall! It’s my fav season and I hate when it’s over. Also, don’t feel bad about reusing workout shirts – I totally had to do that last week when I ended up postponing laundry day.

  6. what kind of bread is that with your egg? looks good, the trees did kind of turn color pretty fast and fell off pretty fast, it looked like it was snowing leaves there for a while.

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