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NYC Bound!

Hey Everyone! I’m writing from my bus (which has wi-fi, how cool is that?) and we’re driving up to NYC until Sunday. My mom’s theater takes its high school students up every three years to take theater classes and watch shows. We like to turn it into a family affair so I’m traveling with my mom, sister, niece, aunt and cousin. I’m excited to have a great girl’s trip for a few days!


I drove up to Richmond last night so I’d be ready first thing today. No workout this morning, but I have a feeling I’ll get plenty of walking in once we get up there.

This morning, I hit up Panera for a Mediterranean egg white breakfast sandwich and some coffee.


Perfect way to start. Now I’m all set for a long drive up, so I’ll catch up with you later!!

Have you been to NYC? If so, what’s your favorite thing to do there?


10 thoughts on “NYC Bound!

  1. I used to live in NYC and (sometimes) miss it! My favorite thing to do when I lived there was to go to the Met or Natural History Museum (they’re both donation based EVERY day, which was good for my college budget) and just explore a different area of the museum that day!

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