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NYC Recap Part Two

Good morning, everyone! I just had a great workout at the gym and am about to go to Starbucks for breakfast (we are completely out of food). I ran for 25 minutes this morning before doing a Nike Training Club 15 minute abs workout. Feels good to be back at my gym!

Take a look at the second part of my NYC recap!

NYC Recap Part Two

Our third day in NYC was a long one, but fun! We started out the morning by grabbing coffee and heading back down to Times Square to do some more shopping. I got some cute stuff from H&M (blazers for $7!!) and then we took a break for pizza.

As you all know, I love pizza. Like, really really love it. It’s almost embarrassing how much I want pizza. So of course I had to get pizza in NYC. We were pressed for time so we popped into a tiny little pizza shop near the theaters and grabbed some slices to eat outside. I had a slice of their white pizza that was so perfect!

White pizza

After shopping it was time to see our second show. We saw Romeo and Juliet, which was starring Orlando Bloom as Romeo. It was amazing! Even though I’m pretty sure we all know the story (and how it ends), they did a great job at making it seem new and  interesting and I was never bored. Orlando Bloom was also great in the part and we could literally hear the teenage girls swooning.

Orlando Bloom

We had really close seats, which made it even better. At the end of the show they auctioned off Orlando’s shirt for charity and 2 different women paid $1500 each! It took forever to get out of the area because of the crowds waiting by the stage door. I’m pretty sure he had better sense than to go out that way, but it was funny to see anyway.

After the bus took us back to our hotel, I quickly changed and headed out to meet up with one of my college friends, Morgan, for an early dinner.

Kelly and Morgan

We met up at a Thai place called Lime Leaf and I had basil Pad Thai for dinner. Looks boring, tasted delicious!

Pad Thai

After dinner, my cousin, sister and I went to Hell’s Kitchen to a wine bar. I had a glass of cabernet that was delicious and we ordered a couple small plates to share.

Wine bar table

Kelly at wine bar

After a few bars and staying up waaay too late, it was time for bed! Considering I can count on one hand the number of times I stay up past midnight in a 6-month span, I did not end up going for a run Sunday morning like I’d planned.

Sunday we grabbed breakfast at a diner next door, then got on the bus to head home. Goodbye, NYC. See you next time!

Central Park

Have you ever met anyone famous?

If you’ve been to NYC, did you see any Broadway shows?


25 thoughts on “NYC Recap Part Two

  1. Ah, so cool that you saw a play with Orlando Bloom! I saw Into the Woods when I was much younger and Vanessa Williams, a kid who was on Gilmore Girls, and the dad from Two of a Kind were in it. Oh, and I saw Spamalot while Clay Aiken was in it. I want to go see a play now!

  2. I’ve been to NYC dozens of times, but have never seen a show. I’d absolutely love too next time we visit the States.

    $1500.00 for a SHIRT?! That just seems crazy to me, but hey I guess some people are that obsessive? lol

    I still can’t believe he’s a single man now.

  3. These posts make me want to go to NYC!!!

    I actually have a funny celebrity story – I was in Germany for work and was sitting in my Frankfurt airport terminal for my return flight to California. I had a terrible cold, and needed to borrow a pen to fill out my customs form, so I asked the man next to me if I could borrow a pen. I noticed his expensive Louis Vuitton carry-on and all of his bling and just thought “He’s definitely from LA.” I filled out my form, thanked him for the pen and went about my business…. then as we boarded the plane I realized that this whole time I HAVE BEEN SITTING NEXT TO KANYE WEST. I JUST BORROWED A PEN FROM KANYE WEST!!!!! Yup, didn’t even realize it was him. And he was actually very nice despite my sickly demeanor. HAHA

  4. Sounds like a very fun weekend indeed!! $7 blazers?? That is awesome. I think we are finally getting a H&M here in Australia soon too.

    I am drooling over that pizza and the show you went to sounded great. Can’t get over that Orlando Bloom was in it.

  5. You were so close to Orlando Bloom! Nice!

    I saw Avenue Q, Mary Poppins (lol- funny story there) and some other one which I forget (about an angel and some song about 1010110 hours and minutes..argh). Thank Goodness for the cheap ticket booth in Times Square!

  6. I grew up in New Jersey with a family who loves shows, so I’ve seen quite a lot of Broadway shows, and I LOVE them! My all-time favorite is Les Miserables — think I’ve seen that one probably 5 times!

    And PS – You’re totally making me want pizza right now. Yummmmm, NY/NJ pizza is THE BEST and I really need to eat some when I go home for the holidays!

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