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10 Minute Head To Toe Circuit

Good morning, everyone! I’m nice and refreshed after a good night’s sleep and a good workout. The alarm went off at 4:30 this morning and I got myself to the gym right at opening. I’m having to defrost my car in the mornings now, which is giving me a preview of just how much this early gym thing will suck in the winter.

When I got to the gym, I hopped on the adaptive motion trainer for 30 minutes and did some intervals that got me nice and sweaty. After my cardio, I decided I wanted a quick workout that worked me from top to bottom. I made this up kind of on the fly, but I’d definitely do it again! You could do this for 2 rounds for a 10 minute workout, or add another round to make it 15 minutes.

10 minute head to toe circuit

I finished off my workout with some stretching, then headed home to shower.

Breakfast today is a smoothie, despite the cold outside. I’m in serious need of a grocery shopping trip, so I threw together whatever I could find. I put a banana, peanut butter, some oatmeal (maybe 1/3 cup….ish), ice, and some unsweetened vanilla almond milk into my blender. It turned out super tasty!

PB oatmeal smoothie

Now I’m off to work for what promises to be a busy day. I’ve gone from travel season right into application season so it should be fun. Application reading is my absolute favorite. I love reading the essays, recommendations, and getting to know the potential new students. Today’s the first day we get to start reading so I’ll be glued to my computer screen!

Hope you all have a fabulous day!

What workout did you do/have planned for today?

24 thoughts on “10 Minute Head To Toe Circuit

  1. We literally had nothing in our house to make breakfast with yesterday except oatmeal, milk and some almonds…it worked! Definitely went shopping immediately after work last night thought 🙂 I did a spinning class this morning that kicked my butt!

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