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New Shoes!!!

Yesterday evening after work, I met Riley at a local restaurant right by our house called Oceans & Ale. It’s one of our favorites, mainly cause we could walk there if we wanted to. We shared a couple drinks and some appetizers while talking about our busy days and catching up. My favorite dish was the crab dip, served with the yummiest warm bread- Not one word about the bread…I have an addiction.

O&A crab dip

After dinner we came home and just chilled by the fire before I turned in embarrassingly early.

This morning, I realized that yesterday’s delivery meant that today’s a great day, friends. Today I got to run in my brand new shoes!

New Shoes!

When I was in NYC, I went into the New York Running Company store and finally got my stride tested. As you may know, my running shoes probably wore out 2 months ago, but I’ve been running on them anyway. At the store, I got to have them video tape my stride, which I’ve never gotten around to doing before. I realize saying “video tape” implies that there’s an actual video tape recording and that our future kids will never understand what that means, but I still say it, ok? I also say things like, “mix tape,” and “rewind.” Gosh, will our kids ever know what Blockbuster video was? Sorry, moving on…

I discovered, not surprisingly, that my stride is neutral. This was good news cause I feel like there are more options for neutral runners. I tried on a bunch of shoes and instead of ordering some new Brooks, I decided to get the Mizuno Wave Riders. Since the only color they had in stock was black (ew) I had to order them online. They arrived last night and I’m so excited!

Workout & Breakfast

This morning, I dragged myself out of bed around 4:45 (thanks to massive amounts of pep-talking myself). As good as sleeping in sounded, I couldn’t miss out on a run in my brand-new shoes.

I hit the gym and jumped right on the treadmill for a 30 minute run. I switched between steady running, hills, and sprint intervals. I got super sweaty and am happy to report that the new shoes are a total win. I love them and I also love the cute color!

Mizuno wave riders

It’s super awkward trying to take pictures of your feet in the stretching area of your gym, by the way.

When I was finished with my workout, I picked up a chocolate peanut butter protein smoothie at my gym’s smoothie bar before heading home to shower. I sucked it down before I could take a picture, sorry.

I’ve got a full day of meetings and work, so I’m off for now. Talk to you later and have a great day!

Do you stick with one brand of running shoes or switch it up?


26 thoughts on “New Shoes!!!

  1. I love switching it up, but get so attached to my old shoes it takes me practically a month to stop wearing them haha. But love your shoes!

  2. That is so awesome that there is an actual place that can test out your stride for you! I must admit when it comes to sporting shoes, I should be more attentive- I know my mates often tell me to get flat ones for lifting, and lighter ones for running/cardio but I use the same pair…oops!

    4.45am… amazing.

  3. Oh, that is dangerous for that restaurant to be so close to home. Good thing you work out! 😉
    I’ve always wanted to have my stride tested. I think I might be neutral too but I’m not sure. Love the new shoes, they’re so bright and happy!

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