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The laziest weekend I’ve ever had

Good morning! Another Monday, another weekend recap. Except……I have nothing to recap. I spend 2 whole days in my pajamas by the fire being a complete and total bum. I did have some tasty food courtesy of Riley. Friday night he made a homemade pizza, which has become a Friday tradition in our house.


Saturday was a steak and cheese crescent bake. This pictures was taken from last time since I couldn’t get a good shot.

Steak Layer Bake Slice

We also had some awesome brunch food thrown in the mix. I swear, if it weren’t for his cooking I’d probably live off PB&J. Between the food, naps, and catching up on some tv shows, I had no excuse not to be completely rested for today!

Workout & Breakfast

This morning I woke up at 4:30. This was not easy because I barely slept last night. Turns out, when you spend a whole weekend doing nothing it’s hard to go to bed early and sleep all night!

I checked my phone and saw that it was 21 degrees outside, so I mentally cursed myself for being a crazy person and came soooo close to resetting my alarm so I could sleep in. Luckily, I used the ol’ standby, “You don’t have to work out HARD, just go and do some easy stuff and leave early.” It worked like a charm and I managed to get up in time to get to the gym by 5:00.

I started with some cardio on the adaptive motion trainer. I’m telling you, if your gym has these things I highly recommend them!

I think they’re a lot more fun than an elliptical because you control the range of motion. I also think they’re more challenging. The resistance goes up to 20 so you can get a killer workout in! I put in 35 minutes, going in 1-minute increments up to 20 and back down again.

After my cardio I grabbed a medicine ball and did some ab work in the free area. Not sure how long I did that (2 songs worth?), but I finished up with some stretching before heading home.

Breakfast today was a slice of Ezekiel toast with peanut butter and banana. Predictable, but it never gets old!


I’m headed off to work for what will most likely be a busy day, but I don’t mind because here’s where you can all start hating on me- I only have to work 2 days this week!! That’s right, I get a glorious 5 days off this week for Thanksgiving and I can’t wait. Even though I spent the past two days being a total sloth, I’ll be making a list of stuff I want to accomplish while I’m off, including getting a head start on Christmas shopping!

Hope you all have a great Monday!

What was the best part of your weekend?

Do you get a good break this week?

12 thoughts on “The laziest weekend I’ve ever had

  1. The best part of my weekend was baking a cake for my sisters birthday and surprising her! I also get a five day weekend, lovely thing about still being in college ☺️

  2. That’s the Machine I use at my gym for cardio! I absolutely LOVE it. I think need to make homemade pizza Friday night tradition. We ordered papa johns which we NEVER do. We always get pizza from a small family place. Making it myself would really save me some money!

  3. Two days hanging out by the fire in your PJs sounds like a dream — especially when good food is involved 😉 And I use the same standby as you to get pretty much anything done… Just do it for 5 minutes, and you can stop if you hate it. The hardest part is usually getting the ball rolling, but after that, it’s not so bad.

    Happy Monday!

  4. I drool every time at the Pizza that Riley makes, no wonder it is becoming a tradition!!

    Glad you finally put a picture of that adaptive motion machine as I still didn’t quite know what you had meant till now 😉

    Best part of my weekend was going to a friends house with Nick on Friday night and watching The Godfather and drinking red wine and eating cheese.

  5. I WISH Australia adopted those machines- then I may actually like cardio! They were the best machine at the campus gym when I studied abroad!

    Nothing wrong with a completely relaxing weekend- all the more to set you up for another one…food coma in tow 😉

    You ate some mighty fine meals there..but then anything with cheese is fine in my books.

  6. A long restful weekend does make it hard to fall asleep on Sunday night which means Mondays are always the hardest. But you did awesome girl, great job getting out of bed!

    I’ve never tried an adaptive motion trainer. I’m not a fan of the elliptical but that definitely sounds like a step up!

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