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A ticket and a run

Good morning! This crazy weather is heading into our area today and luckily won’t get snow, but we will have a lot of rain today!

Today I woke up at 4:30 and headed over to the gym. If you wake up early to work out you know the drive to the gym can be on autopilot most days. Well, today was one of those days and I wasn’t really paying that much attention until I saw the police lights behind me.

Like a good little citizen, I pulled over and rolled down my window. As the policeman walked over to my car I quickly realized what I’d done.

Policeman: Hello, ma’am.

Me: Good morning, officer……I ran that red light didn’t I?

Policeman: Yes, you did.

Me: Sorry….I thought I could get through before it turned.

Policeman: I know…you sped up.

Me: Not getting out of this one am I?

Policeman: License and registration, please.

<Sigh>……..And that’s how I started my day, folks. How’s everyone else doing today?

After the ticket ordeal (which took way too long), I didn’t have a lot of gym time left by the time I got there. I managed a 35 minute run on the treadmill before I was out of time and needed to head home.

For breakfast I threw together a Greek yogurt bowl with some apple, quinoa granola, and honey.

Honey yogurt bowl

Honestly, If I was going to get pulled over, I’m glad it was before my workout instead of after. Exercise is, as we all know, a great stress reliever and my run allowed me to get some perspective on the morning.

Being an optimist, it’s important that I find something good from any bad situation. I’m that annoying girl that says, “yes, but on the bright side….” when others are trying to complain. Despite getting a ticket, here are the positives I’m focusing on so far:

1) The court date isn’t until January and Riley thinks I should try going to court to see if it gets dropped. Even if it doesn’t, at least I don’t owe any money until after the holidays.

2) My new sneakers felt really good while I was running. Good choice with the Mizunos.

3) Today’s my Friday! I have the rest of the week off after today.

So with the endorphins still flowing, I’m off to pick up some Starbucks (necessary, don’t you think?) and tackle my last busy day at work.

Have a good one!

Have you ever gotten a ticket? I went on a nice little streak for a while there with speeding, following too closely, and various expired registrations/inspections. Things had been really quiet for the past few years, though, so I thought I was doing well.


27 thoughts on “A ticket and a run

  1. Oh no! Hopefully the rest of your day is better than the way it started! I usually try to move on after I get pulled over… the last time was because a fuse blew and my taillights were out– I had no idea. There’s no use crying over spilt milk, right?

  2. I’ve been pulled over twice and gotten a ticket twice! People always tell me oh I always get out of tickets and I don’t know how they do it! I got both of mine taken care of. My mom works for a lawyer and I also work for the head cop of the town. I’m pretty lucky when it comes to that stuff.

  3. I went through a pretty bad speed racer phase in my teens so yes… I’ve gotten more than a handful of tickets πŸ˜† Things have definitely been quiet for a few years, but I think that’s mostly because I’ve gotten a lot better at spotting the police before they spot me.

  4. Actually, I’ve gotten the most tickets when I was driving rather safely. Back in my college days I was a speed demon and did some things that should have gotten me pulled over, but I always got away with it. Then about 5 years later I got 2 tickets after my driving sort of calmed down. Kind of ironic, but that’s life!

  5. I used to get tickets a lot when I was 18 as I was a speed demon. Now Nick complains I drive like a Nanna but I haven’t had a ticket in years. Sorry to hear about yours.

    Hope you enjoy the rest if your week off and get some relaxation.

  6. I was really hoping the title meant a ticket to a game or play or something fun. Darn it! That sucks girl. I’m sorry. I’ve gotten more than a handful of tickets and I never get let go. Never.

    If it’s the only one you’ve gotten in a long time then it’s not a big deal. You’ll have to pay the fine but after that you can just forget about it and move on with life.

    I think you are handling it in a positive way though so good for you. There’s no point in letting it ruin your happy time!

  7. Argh sorry to hear about that- although I never knew you guys had to go to court to contest/pay it- here you get the fine in the mail and then just pay it at the post office!

    Yay for the weekend starting for you- rest up then go bonkers on black Friday!

    • We don’t have to go to court, but we can if we want to fight it. I usually get lazy and just pay the ticket online or something cause I don’t feel like taking off work and sitting in court for half the day!

      Tomorrow is set aside for making my Friday game plan. I need to make a strategy!

  8. Boo for the ticket! I got one a few years ago on the day before Thanksgiving. My dad told me that police officers have to fill their quotas and since so many people are driving around this time of year it’s an easy time to get a ticket. I was going to go to court but I had to be across the state for college so I didn’t do it! But I heard that if you show up, the cops will usually drop the charges since they don’t actually want to go to court. I love that you were able to stay positive though!

  9. Ugh I hate getting tickets! I recently got one in the mail for allegedly not stopping at a stop sign in – get this – a parking lot!! WTF. It was from when I went hiking in Temescal Canyon (LA). Apparently they have stop sign cameras in this tiny private parking lot that you already have to pay $7 to park in. Not cool.

    I wish I could have been as positive about it as you were about yours, but I will not be hiking there again!

  10. boo for tickets. I’ve only ever had one- I’d had my license less than a month and I was driving alone in a town I’d never been in before. The street had a stop light, but it wasn’t hanging over the intersection– there were two posts on either side of the street. One of them was blocked by a huge ice truck parked in the street, and I didn’t even think to look for a light since I wasn’t familiar with the area. The officer didn’t believe me that I didn’t see the light and cited me. I was upset for a long time and then I DID run a red light, and getting a ticket was much better than killing a pedestrian/biker or an accident. Bah.
    I normally drive like a granny anyway, but now that I work in law enforcement I try to be particularly careful to adhere to the traffic laws.

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