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No more treadmill boredom

It’s getting to that point in the year. The point where I have to defrost the car at 4:45 in the morning before going to the gym. The point where I start thinking, “maybe exercise is over-rated….” It takes epic amounts of motivation to do this in the morning, but I know I’ll always feel great when I’m done.

This morning was one of those de-frosting mornings and I’m already looking forward to spring. Basically, once New Year’s is over there’s really no point to winter, in my opinion (anyone with me?). Until spring, however, I’m stuck driving to the gym with numb hands and my de-frost on high.

As many of you may know, I’m not much of a long distance runner. My attention span isn’t really the greatest when it comes to cardio. I love the sweaty, heart pumping feeling of doing cardio, however, so I love running even for short distances. Given my chosen workout time, running outside isn’t really an option (28 degrees and pitch black? No thanks). This means I’ve come to be good friends with the treadmill.

I know a lot of people who think the treadmill is the worst torture you could go through! I’m not one of those people. I actually think treadmill running can have a lot of perks, such as:

  • No weather extremes to deal with
  • Less chance of injury
  • A place to lay my sweat towel
  • A place for my water bottle
  • If I have to go to the bathroom mid-run, I’m not 2 miles from home (you’d be surprised how often this happens)
  • A TV so I can watch the morning news

That being said, I know the lack of scenery can make the time pass much, much slower.


I try to keep things interesting by coming up with new workouts when I’m on the treadmill. I came up with this little gem last night and really enjoyed it!

No more bordedom treadmill workout

You could obviously change the speeds around based on how fast you are. Including a couple minutes each of warm-up and cool-down, this only took 35 minutes to complete. The time also flew by because I was only thinking in 1-mile increments.

After my run I did some ab work, then stretched for about 10 minutes before heading home.

I was craving something savory for breakfast today so I sauteed some red onion, orange pepper, and spinach before adding some egg whites and cheddar cheese. I topped it off with a slice of Ezekiel toast with butter.

Ezekiel toast with egg whites

It definitely hit the spot! While I was cooking, I quickly assembled my lunch for the day: quinoa, leftover turkey, roasted sweet potato, almond slices, and cheese.

Quinoa and sweet potato salad

I’ve been really bad lately about packing lunches for work so I’m trying to make more of an effort this week. It gets so hard when I have to walk past the student union pizza place that’s right in-between my office and the bathrooms. I know, I have a really hard life.

I’m off to work for the day, so have a good one!

Treadmill vs. outside: Go!

Do you pack lunches for work? What do you usually bring with you?


21 thoughts on “No more treadmill boredom

  1. Great workout. I honestly don’t prefer one over another. Sure it’s always wonderful getting out in the beautiful outdoors, but when weather permits I’m perfectly okay hopping on the treadmill instead.

    Since i work from home I do not pack lunches, and even we I didn’t I went home for lunch. Ha! But I do eat lots of salads, wraps, and rice bowls lately.

  2. I live in Arizona, so I’m pretty much the opposite…I live in the gym over the summer because running in 100+ degree heat isn’t worth it! 5-6 miles is about my limit on the treadmill though. Any more than that and I get really bored.

    It’s really rare if I don’t pack my lunch for work. I don’t mind leftovers, so I usually make enough food so there are definitely some for me to take to work. If I have to put too much thought into lunch, I will probably end up buying it 🙂

  3. I pack lunch for work … everyday 😀 (well almost, there is one or two times in the month that I’ll go and buy some food. Otherwise I like to take lunch with me 😀 It’s healthier and cheaper. The treadmill can be boring, but when you design a workout it can be fun, and let’s be honest sometimes you don’t want to run outside, you just want a place to hang the towel and water!

  4. I go through phases between outside and inside I do love a nice long run outside but I’m a baby with the cold so the winter is filled with treadmill workouts! I always pack my lunch I usually stick to salads they are just quick and easy then add an apple and a tea bag and you’re good to go!

  5. I’m trying to get better with lunches too I find sometimes ill pack lunch but then ditch it and not eat it! I’ve been having lots of salads and I think I bored with them so its a sign I need to mix it up!

    I prefer running outside but is the weather is windy I prefer indoors for sure. Loved that treadmill minute pic 😉

  6. While I am not a fan of either, I would take the dreadmill sorry treadmill, because I can read or watch TV simultaneously!

    I went through a stage of packing random things for lunch- think cold pancakes, tuna salad with pizza… yep. the works!

  7. Keep up the good work on getting it done in the winter! Every time I visit your blog, I amazed at how much willpower you have.

    I’m with you on the not enjoying running long distances so this looks like a perfect workout for me. Mixing it up is a great way to keep from getting bored and I like that it’s challenging too.

    And I usually bring leftovers until those run out and then it’s a frozen meal (usually Amy’s). Lunches are hard to plan for!

    • Every time I think about signing up for a half marathon it just seems sooooo long! Not sure if it’s for me or not. I try to keep a couple of frozen meals from Trader Joe’s in my freezer for days when I just need to grab something quick!

  8. I read your post yesterday and took a mental note of your treadmill boredom outline, and I did do part of it last night. And man, it made the thirty minutes I was on there go by soooo much faster. I live up north so it is cold out there, so I am limited to the treadmill (I refuse to run outside) and for the last month it has been steady state not really pushing myself – doing a lot of 6.0/6.2 mph paces, and I was shocked at myself how easy the 6 mph then 7 mph switcheroo was, I even pushed it up to 7.7 for the last 7 minutes of the fast/slow time. Thanks for the push!

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