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Spill It Sunday

Hey, friends! It’s actually been a great weekend so far. My 8k got postponed until next weekend because of “inclement weather.” If you live in Southeastern Virginia, anything involving cold + rain means we’re cancelling everything and staying inside! There might be some sleet/freezing rain, which is why they postponed the race. I’m glad, because I’ve come down with a cold and running in freezing rain while sick just seemed like a bad idea anyway! I’ll take it as a sign that I need to park it on the couch today.

I’m checking in today because I’m linking up with Arman this week for Spill it Sunday!

The big man's world

Spill it Sunday is all about getting to know bloggers aside from the main theme of their blogs. He also requested that we all throw in a selfie, so here ya go:

Kelly Selfie

Kind of an old pic, but I’m sick and miserable today, so you don’t get to see what that looks like πŸ™‚

I’m so excited about this week’s theme, which is travel. Every time I see other bloggers travel and come back with awesome recaps, I wish I’d started my blog sooner. It would have given me the chance to document my own travels and have those memories written down. This post gives me a chance to give you all a glimpse into some of my favorite locations!

Favorite Spot #1: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

This one’s a favorite for a great reason: I got married here! I also trashed my dress, which was a lot of fun!


Our wedding was documented by the wonderful Jesse Hutcheson and I had the most incredible time there. Not only are the beaches some of the best I’ve ever seen, but the food was amazing too. We traveled with 16 of our closest friends and family members and we partied, swam with dolphins, sunbathed, drank a lot of tequila and, of course, got married!

Wedding collage

Playa Del Carmen is a cool town because it’s not “touristy” like Cancun, but it has a ton of fun stuff to do. There’s a great little town with shopping and restaurants, as well as close proximity to Mayan ruins. We also loved the Mayan coffee that they made table-side at the resort!

Playa Del Carmen collage

I know with 100% certainty that we’ll return to Playa Del Carmen someday!

Favorite Spot #2: Aruba

We went to Aruba in May for our 2 year anniversary and my goodness, this place is gorgeous! There are two big reasons you need to go to Arbua:

1) The most gorgeous sunsets I’ve ever seen. I would go back there JUST so I could stare at the sky every evening.

Aruba collage 2

2) The friendliest people ever! They advertise that Aruba is. “one happy island.” It’s so true! Everywhere we went people smiled, said hello, and were really friendly to us. There’s not a ton to do in Aruba if you like a lot of adventure on your vacations, but if you like gorgeous beaches with no waves, amazing sunsets, friendly people, and a really cool combo of Dutch, Caribbean, and Venezuelan cultures, then I highly recommend it. I think we’ll go back at some point for sure!

Aruba collage 1

I thought I’d throw in some “shout-outs” to other great places that I’d love to visit again someday soon!

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

This tiny island off the coast of Cancun is the Eastern-most point in Mexico and has gorgeous water, waves crashing over rocks, Mayan ruins, and tons of cool stuff to do. Riley and I visited there during a trip to Cancun right after we got engaged. We spent the day exploring the island on a golf cart and loved it!

Isla Mujeres collage

New York City, NY

I love this place so much! I’ve been quite a few times and love the vibe of the city and how diverse it is. I never get bored there and if I could live there without dealing with the cold and traffic, I would.

NYC CollageWith the holidays coming up, a lot of people have asked me what I’ll get Riley for Christmas and the answer is, “nothing.” We don’t buy each other presents for Christmas (aside from a couple stocking stuffers for fun). Instead, we put our money towards our vacations. Traveling together every year is so much more meaningful for us and we have some great memories from the Caymans, Dominican Republic, and a bunch of other great places.

Writing this post has me itching for a vacation now so I’ll probably spend half the day online trying to decide where to go for our 3-year anniversary in May! We have a long wish list of places that we want to visit, but budget usually dictates where we’ll go. I guess my month-long Mediterranean yacht cruise will just have to wait a while πŸ™‚

I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap of my weekend so far (the house is finally decorated for Christmas!), but for now, I hope you’re having a relaxing and enjoyable day!

What’s the coolest place you’ve ever traveled to?

Do you like visiting the same places or do you try something new each time?

Are you going anywhere this year?


26 thoughts on “Spill It Sunday

  1. I just bought my wedding dress and I know that while I’ll probably never wear it after my wedding day, I can’t bring myself to think about trashing it… I love the way you did it, though. It was so elegant, and what a gorgeous shot.

  2. Wow you’ve been to some amazing places- I actually think the people in countries you travel to make such a huge difference in terms of enjoying it- I remember a stark contrast between Rome and Tokyo. I love the idea of not spending for gifts but saving for a holiday- How about Australia next πŸ˜‰

  3. Wow, you looked absolutely stunning in your wedding photos. I’ve always loved the idea of “trash your dress”.

    I think one of my favorite places we’ve traveled to would be Santorini Island, Greece. Such a beautiful and relaxing place. This year we’ll be making a trip back to the States and Ireland.

  4. Mexico, I’ve been two times there! I’ve been to Cozumel (gorgeous beaches, but I prefer Puerto Ricans :P) and Quintana Roo, and I loved visiting mayan ruins! They have a vibe, special! Getting married in Mexico must’ve been fun! New York I’ve been too, but not Manhattan/Time Square area, and I’m planning a quick weekend getaway this Christmas to visit those areas πŸ˜‰

    The coolest place I’ve been to (until now) is Alaska and Canada. They are gorgeous and so calm! I loved them. I visited them in May this year and could go again if I could. I did dog sled and it was super fun!

    I usually prefer to visit new places, learn new cultures. In the spanish-phere I’ll love to visit each and every country. It’s interesting how we all speak the same language, but words meaning could change from one place to the other.

    And you are right, sometimes you see trips recaps and you said if I’ve done this before then I’ll have a memory post (however we have pictures and the memories, that although not written are in our minds)

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