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My first Hot Barre class

Happy Monday! This weekend went by way too quickly in my opinion. I’ve been sick since Friday so I spent quite a bit of time in bed, but I have no complaints considering how bad the weather was! Riley and I got a lot done and spent Saturday night getting the house all decorated for the holidays.

Christmas living room

I got some new stockings for the mantle, including new ones for Coco and Bella.

Christmas mantle

I also decked out the tree with ribbon and all our ornaments.

Christmas tree 2013 1

Yes, we have a fake tree. Why, you ask? Because I’m lazy, that’s why. I really like being able to take my tree out of a box, plug it in, fluff the branches and get right to decorating. I found scented ornaments at Target that make it smell like a real tree, so I’m close enough!

Lastly, we decorated the dining area and our “wine corner.”

Christmas decorations collage

Saturday night was also homemade pizza night, which we enjoyed with some of my favorite wine. Coco and Bella got special treatment Saturday too, with some yummy canned food.

Saturday night collage

Sunday we had cold and rain all day long. I mentioned yesterday that my 8k race got postponed until next week and I was soooo glad! Being sick, I would have been miserable running it. Next Sunday should be better weather, so now I’m excited.

Since it was so gross, I spent a lot of time in bed napping, relaxing, and cuddling with the cat. I also made this delicious carrot cake at the request of the husband.

Carrot Cake Top

I’ll post the recipe later this week, but I’ll give you a spoiler: grating carrots sucks. In the end, however, it’s totally worth it!

Today’s Workout- Hot Barre

This morning, I got to sleep in until 6:00! Since I signed up for a month of classes at Studio South, I thought I’d try their Hot Barre class. I figured all the heat and sweat could flush the germs out. Is that real science? I’m not sure, but it made sense in my mind.

Holy sweaty mess! If you’ve ever taken a Barre class you know it’s a great workout by itself. You do tiny isometric movements to work almost every muscle group to exhaustion. You’ll work your arms, abs, every inch of your legs and butt, and your back. Now picture that in a 90 degree heated room!

The room was packed when I got there, but I snagged a good spot close to the mirror. I like being right up front by the mirror so I can check my form. By the end of the class I was starting to really feel the heat when we finally got to bring our mats to the middle for some ab work and stretching on the floor. We ended the class by doing a few yoga moves and relaxing with cool towels. I’ll definitely take this class again!

Today I’m off to Richmond with some co-workers to do some prospective student receptions. It’ll be nice to get out of the office for a day and do some recruiting, especially with how crazy things have been this month.

Hope you all have a great day!

Do you take Barre classes? How about hot yoga?

Is your house decorated yet for the holidays?


31 thoughts on “My first Hot Barre class

  1. I have been wanting to try hot yoga for awhile, just not enough to pay $15 for an hour class lol, but barre class sound like an amazing workout!

    Right now I’m still in my lovely little dorm room and our university won’t let us decorate, so I am waiting till this coming Thursday when I return home for break and decorating every inch of my room at home 🙂

  2. I’m with you on the fake trees — I love the -idea- of having a real one, but the execution is a whole other story. Well, that and my building doesn’t allow us to have real trees anyways, so I guess it all works out in the end. And there’s nothing a nice smelling candle can’t fix 😀

  3. Fake trees help save the environment right? and money too 😀 I love to take time to do some decor! I have a hugeeeeee -HUGE- christmas spirit, and that time to decor has a special meaning to me! 😀

    I’ve tried videos of barre, but haven’t done it in hot a studio, but well, temperatures here reach 100 in summer so I don’t think I need it 😀

    At least you will have the opportunity to run the race feeling better! Nice week 😀

  4. Your house looks great, you did an amazing job decorating it!

    Nick and I bought a wine rack last week and have failed in being able to put it together and then it also deflated my Fit ball when Nick was sitting on it near the unfinished wine rack and it hit it. So essentially I want your much easier to put together wine rack 😉

    I’ve never tried a barre or hot barre class before but always wanted to.

    I hope you feel all better now.

  5. Your decorations are awesome! I can only aspire for my Christmas tree to be that beautiful someday haha right now I have a baby tree. And I already mentioned this but yes I took a barre class–I actually really liked it and have been wanting to take another one recently–they’re just so expensive! At least at the studio by my house they are.

    • They are super expensive! I got an intro month, which was a really good deal, but after it’s up I don’t know if I can afford to buy extra classes. That on top of my monthly gym membership just probably won’t be worth it.

  6. Um…that recipe. I’m holding you to posting it this week- it looks amazing!

    I hadn’t even heard of barre classes let alone hot barre classes until recently! If you have the flu or a cold I guess the heat would benefit the sinus 😛

  7. I’ve never taken hot barre but I have taken hot yoga. It was OK. I like regular power yoga though…the room gets hot enough as it is!

    Can’t wait for that carrot cake recipe 🙂

  8. That’s pretty cool that you found tree scented ornaments. I agree that a fake tree is much easier and also more affordable in the long run.

    Thank God they postponed your 8k! Rain + cold + being sick sounds so awful. But Hot Barre sounds awesome! I’ve done Bikram yoga and I loved it so I know I would love Hot Barre. Hopefully a good sweat makes you feel better!

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