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Christmas at the Jefferson

Yesterday was a long. long. day. 8 of us from the office went up to Richmond to host receptions for guidance counselors and prospective students. The upside of doing these was that we got to go to one of my favorite spots in Richmond: The Jefferson Hotel. This hotel has been around since 1895 and is absolutely stunning, especially at Christmastime.

Jefferson Christmas tree

They decorate every inch of the hotel and just walking through the lobby puts me in the Christmas spirit! From the bannisters to the columns and walls, every spot is decked out.

Jefferson bannister

Jefferson chandelier

I have memories of visiting this hotel so many times over the years growing up, from holiday lunches to doing the traditional afternoon tea on the weekends. It’s such a classic Richmond spot and its long history makes it so much fun to visit.

For lunch yesterday, we entertained 50 guidance counselors and had rosemary chicken with vegetables and grits.

Jefferson chicken

The chicken wasn’t all that great, but the dessert was fantastic. We had a thick chocolate mousse with fruit and I cleaned my plate.

Jefferson dessert

Seriously, so good! After lunch we had a few hours to kill so we all worked in a nearby conference room until it was time to set up for the evening reception.

Jefferson ballroom

Over 400 people showed up and everything turned out great! I don’t do much at these things except get up at the end and ask trivia questions to give out prizes. Tough job, I know!

By the time everyone left and we could clean up, I didn’t get home until after 10:30 last night. This morning’s alarm was no fun! I skipped my morning workout today since I’m still sick (yesterday didn’t help) and I didn’t really have a lot of time. I’m off to the office today, but I’ll be back with my carrot cake recipe tomorrow!

What’s a favorite landmark in your hometown?

What’s one place that always puts in you in the holiday spirit?


21 thoughts on “Christmas at the Jefferson

  1. My favorite hometown landmark is probably dawes arboretum, it is a huge park type place with tons and tons of gardens and woods, it is just such a gorgeous place to walk around. The one place that puts me in the holiday spirit is the mall near my college it is called Easton Towne Center. It is an outdoor mall, they have the whole place lit up with a huge decorative tree in the center!

  2. That place looks gorgeous! A couple of years ago my family spent the holidays at The Greenbriar, which was decorated similarly… and by similarly, I mean it was Decked. Out.

    So pretty!

  3. Wow they really know how to deck the halls their so to speak it looks so pretty 🙂

    Shame about your dinner but the choc mousse looked yummy!

    We have the Arts Centre here in Melbourne with a spire on top of the building that had lights that change colour.

  4. Wow that looks amazing- all inside a hotel too! We have these famous ‘Christmas’ windows here but I reckon its abit overrated! Carols by candlelight (this outdoor event on Christmas eve) is a great way to get into the spirit! That, or some candy canes! 😉

  5. What a beautiful hotel! That’s nice your job mixes things up. Mine is the same day in and day out and it’s wearing on me.

    Hope you feel better soon and I can’t wait to see that cake! Carrot cake is my favorite!

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