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I missed my gym

Hey there! Not much time today, so I’m just popping in with my workout and some of my recent meals. This week has officially been declared “work late every day” week. We’re really gonna earn that 2-week vacation!

Knowing this week would be killer, I made a pact with myself to not skimp on my workout routine. I missed a ton of days last week, but I’m all better now so no excuses. I knew I was starting to get better over the weekend when I got “workout jealousy.” I’d see people running and think, “man, I wish I were running/working out right now!” I don’t get that feeling when I’m super sick, so when I got the urge I knew I was on the mend.

Lunch yesterday was courtesy of Moe’s- a burrito bowl topped with tons of veggies, chicken, and sour cream. Delicious and not terrible for me!


Dinner last night was a bit of a fail. Riley convinced me that Digiorno supreme pizza was basically like salad cause it had veggies on top. Just keepin’ it real, friends.


Workout & Breakfast

This morning is going much better in the health department. I got up at 4:30 and hit the gym nice and early. It felt so great to be back at it! I did 30 minutes on the adaptive motion trainer, followed by my 10 minute head-to-toe circuit.

10 minute head to toe circuit

I did an extra round to make it 15 minutes before stretching and heading home to shower. Breakfast today was a hearty one, since I know I have a long day ahead of me!

I ended up making breakfast and lunch at the same time by cooking up some veggies, chicken, and kale for lunch and eggs for breakfast. Two meals, only one pan!



I had two slices of Ezekiel toast and a glass of almond milk on the side. Perfect filling breakfast!

Since I apparently love to see how much I can do before 7:30 AM, I’m publishing this post, then running up to the grocery store super fast before meeting my carpool. We have an office-wide chili cook-off tomorrow and I’m not prepared at all! I’m going now because after my late work day Riley and I wanted to have some date-night time. So off I go!

What are you having for breakfast today?

What’s on your workout agenda?


24 thoughts on “I missed my gym

  1. Ok. So I’m officially tired from just reading your post! Man, you get a lot done. Anyway, that circuit workout looks like a good one – almost like Crossfit haha and you know what a Crossfit snob I am! Have a great day!

  2. In a rush I had a cinnamon roll quest bar (first one, it is my new favorite!) and an apple. I worked out this morning as well, a 30 minute interval run and 15 minute ab cycle (so so tough!).

  3. Glad you are feeling better! When both my shoulders were injured I had a really tough time watching all of my friends play beach volleyball. You don’t know what ya got till it’s gone, right? I had the same breakfast I eat everyday: oatmeal with wild blueberries.

  4. Mmmmmm. I love shopping in the early morning. No one is ever there and it’s awesome. That veggie scramble you made looks positively delicious! Breakfast this morning was freshly baked sweet potato fries and scrambled eggs. Yum.

  5. That is the greatest thing ever- Salad on a pizza. Genius. I’m totally using that to convince others of healthy fare πŸ˜‰

    Right now- Eating pancakes as a type this. I just came home from a cardio workout. And by cardio, I mean reading the latest Mens Health on the stairmaster and lol’ing at the ridiculous facts in it.

  6. I love Moes! I wouldn’t consider the Digiorno a fail. You eat healthy enough the rest of the time and exercise so it’s totally warranted.
    I am hoping to do my Body Pump DVD when I get home. It’s hard to workout at home but I’m feeling determined! πŸ™‚

  7. I am always amazed by how much you get done in the morning! I’m so lazy in the morning, but as you can tell (it’s almost midnight!) I’m a total night owl! I’m only up this late because I went to see Christmas lights with my friends and then had to get a run in after getting home late! I feel like we have opposite schedules but it’s super inspiring to think about how much I could get done if I got up early!

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