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Scenes from Christmas 2013

Hey friends! I haven’t been around the blogging world much, but I’ve been having an absolute blast! Rather than dump almost a week’s worth of recaps on you, I figured a few photo collages should do the trick.

Running in Colonial Williamsburg

The decorations in town are so gorgeous and literally every single house gets decked out for the holidays. So pretty!

CW at Christmas

Early Christmas lunch at my grandma’s house.

My Grandma’s cranberry mold is the best!

Grandma's Christmas food collage

My amazing present wrapping skills.

I was especially proud of this because I’m normally a terrible wrapper, but for some reason I wanted all the presents to be coordinated and pretty this year.


Early Christmas celebration with my best girlfriends from growing up.

This year we did a wine exchange and spent the whole evening snacking on food, catching up, and reminiscing about our teenage years. It reminded me of all our old sleepovers when we were 16!

Wine exchange girls night

The pets in their holiday outfits.

Yes, I decorated my pets with Christmas bows around their necks. They loved it, I swear. Bella loved her new toy, and Coco loved the wrapping paper.

Pets Christmas collage

Celebrating Christmas with my family and Riley’s family.

We spent Christmas Eve at my parent’s house and Christmas day with Riley’s family. All the nieces and nephews tore into their presents all day and were super adorable. I may be a tad biased towards my little niece, Annabelle! 🙂

Kids Christmas

I noticed looking through my pics that there aren’t any of me, so I’ll try to include some more at a later time. All in all, we had a great Christmas!

Riley’s off work today, so we’re off for a movie and lunch date. We’re seeing Anchorman, so I hope it’s good. Hope you all have had a great week and Christmas!

What was the highlight of your Christmas?


10 thoughts on “Scenes from Christmas 2013

  1. Have a great lunch date! I can quote the whole first Anchorman, although I saw it in the theatre and thought it was stupid until years later when I realized its true genius. Hoping this one takes off right away!

    • I didn’t like it as much as the first one, sadly. There were some laughs, but it just seemed like they were trying too hard to make it like the first one. We still had a good time hanging out and doing lunch though!

  2. Every time I see a picture of Bella and Coco on here, I want to jump through the screen and squeeze them with big hugs! Is that weird? I would totally be your pet sitter if I lived near you too. They’re just so cute and I love that Bella looks elderly. Reminds me of my Coco.

    Your gift were wrapped so beautifully, I’m impressed! And your niece is too cute. Glad to see you had a nice Christmas!

    Hope you enjoyed Anchorman too. 🙂

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