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Getting cozy at the gym

Yay, it’s finally Friday!! I’m so happy the weekend is almost here and I know you all are too. As I mentioned yesterday, my gym had a water pipe burst yesterday so the whole gym was closed. Sadly, one of the weight areas looks like this (picture from my gym’s Facebook page):


Because of the water damage, they had to move some of the circuit weight machines into the free area by the cardio section and close off basically half of the gym. This meant we were all bonding a little bit more during our workouts this morning!

My gym isn’t crowded at 5AM, but when everyone is basically working out in one room it feels a little bit more….cozy. I didn’t really feel like waiting for weight machines and being elbow to elbow with my fellow gym goers, so today was a plain cardio day.

I thought about running, but then remembered I only have 4 episodes left of Gossip Girl before the series finale, so I decided on the adaptive motion trainer instead so I could watch an episode. I’m sad that Gossip Girl is ending, but I’m also glad that I’ll finally get back to other forms of entertainment!

I completed 45 minutes of cardio intervals, working my way up to level 20 and back down again. After finding a tiny corner to stretch in, I left for home to shower. If it felt crowded at 5 AM I can only imagine what it’ll look like at 5 PM. Hopefully they can take care of the water damage soon!

For breakfast today, I was craving a savory sandwich, so I sauteed some mushrooms and red pepper in butter before adding eggs to the pan. I made my sandwich with sprouted rye toast, light white cheddar cheese and some dijon mustard. It turned out super delicious!

dijon breakfast sandwich

I washed everything down with a glass of almond milk while typing up this post and today’s breakfast is definitely filling.

I’m off to work for the day. We have early acceptance letters going out today so it’s all hands on deck at the office. Not sure yet what’s in store for the weekend, but I’m excited to have a couple days off. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I’ll see you on Monday!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Is your gym crowded when you go? How do you handle the crowds?

14 thoughts on “Getting cozy at the gym

  1. Wow your poor gym! Glad you were still able to work out, though, but hope it’s all fixed soon so you have some space again 🙂 I used to watch Gossip Girl during the first few seasons and I’m thinking I need to start it again. Everyone talks about it!

  2. I get to go to a painting class with my sister, I am beyond excited for some creativity time and getting to bond with her 🙂 My gym has been crowded with a football team! I am not handling it very well, I ended up doing cardio as well this morning, but I am actually considering finding a gym and paying for a membership even though my college gym is free 😦

  3. I go to my gym at work which is SUPER nice (and super cheap!) and it’s not usually crowded, which is another reason I love it! I don’t like having to wait for machines, since I feel like it slows down my groove 🙂

  4. Good for you for not using that as an excuse to go home. 🙂 It sounds like most people worked out anyways, too. I think a gym is one of he most inconvenient places to have something like that happen in.. I am still working my way through GG- it really is all I ever watch, so I definitely understand where your coming from when you say it will be nice to get back to other forms of entertainment. I have loved having Netflix, but I know I watch T.V. way more than I did before.

  5. I was so hooked to Gossip Girl! I watched it complety, but I must say that although it began so great, the fun decreased as seasons passed by. I even bought seasons 1-3, imagine my love!!

    Hopefully your gym will be ready soon enough to not touch elbows when working out 😀

  6. Gossip Girl! I seriously miss that show, but I’m happy that the ending was basically perfect, so I wasn’t left with any unresolved issues or lingering complaints. And that’s crazy about the water pipes! I’ve been hearing a lot more people complaining about that, and I’m blaming the dratted cold weather. Is it summer yet?

  7. It took me a good year to work out the best times to hit my gym- I usually try to go then if not….it ain’t the best! That breakfast sandwich sounds AMAZING!!! All my favourites in one.

    Enjoy the rest of gossip girl- I can’t believe chuck’s dog was gossip girl.

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