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Low-key weekend highlights

Hey, friends! I’m pretty tired this morning because I stayed up past my bedtime watching the Golden Globe awards last night. There are certain days of the year (like award show days) that I have wonderful fantasies about being a rich and famous actress. <sigh>. A girl can dream….

As far as my weekend went, it was relaxed and mostly uneventful. Here are some of my favorite eats from the weekend:

My first visit to a Korean restaurant on Friday, courtesy of my co-worker, Kyle. He lived in Korea for a year and managed to convince me that Korean food is freakin’ amazing. Seriously, whatever they put in that red pepper sauce is incredible.

Korean food collage

Breakfast burritos Saturday and Sunday, courtesy of Chef Riley.

Breakfast burritos

Italian sub crescent bake, also courtesy of Chef Riley. He made a giant baked sandwich filled with salami, jalapeno, ham, turkey, provolone, and italian seasoning.

Italian crescent bake

I went for a 4.5 mile run through Colonial Williamsburg Sunday morning. It rained all day Saturday so it was nice to get outside and get some fresh air! The town was all wintry and deserted looking (aside from the colonial people and the old church-goers), but running through the old streets was still really enjoyable.

CW run 2

CW run

I also did some meal planning, which I was super proud of. I never plan meals and my husband recently pointed out just how little cooking I’ve actually done in the past month. I officially feel wife-shamed (luckily, Riley doesn’t actually care who cooks, as long as he doesn’t have to clean). On tap this week:

  • Tilapia with a lemon butter sauce and capers, served with quinoa
  • Slow cooker beef stew
  • Chicken alfredo
  • Burritos
  • Homemade pizza

I’ll keep you updated on how much I stick to the plan, but I consider it a victory that I even made one to begin with!

On another note, this weekend I finished my 3-week long marathon of Gossip Girl. It was sad and a relief all at the same time. The problem with marathoning shows (which I’m very prone to doing) is that once it’s over it’s such a disappointment. I just can’t let go, so I end up watching blooper reels and behind the scenes clips on You Tube just to exhaust all possible exposure to the show. I’ve done it with multiple shows so this is not new. I ended up buying myself a new book yesterday so I can now redirect my energy, thank goodness.

That about covers my weekend adventures (or lack thereof). I’ve got a busy week coming up. In Admission-Land, this week is early “letter week”, which means my phone will ring off the hook with parents asking why their kids didn’t get into our school. It sucks, so I’m hoping I’ll get to call a couple of kids who DID get in just to spread some cheer around!

Happy Monday and I can’t wait to catch up with you later!

Have you ever had Korean food? I never had until Friday, but I’m a huge fan now!

Any good weekend workouts? I took a rest day Saturday, but did a 4.5 mile run and a 30-minute walk with Bella on Sunday.

How do you let go of a series when you become obsessed for weeks on end? I really need help in this area. One of my tactics is to get as many friends as possible roped into the same show so I have someone to talk about it with!


21 thoughts on “Low-key weekend highlights

  1. Italian sub crescent bake… now that meal sounds to die for! I’m sending you many prayers & wishes for the week. Fingers crossed you won’t have too many unhappy parents calling in. I’ve never understood that to be honest.. I mean maybe they should ask their child why they were declined enrollment. Ha Ha!

  2. I know what its like when you steam through an entire show and then have that feeling of ‘loss’ at the end of it – it happened to me with ER and MASH. They were, I think, both 14 seasons long and I was able to watch them all in one go! David and I didn’t know what to do when they were finished! But we pushed through the pain 🙂
    Happy Monday Kelly!

  3. All that food looks delicious! Out of most asian cuisine, I haven’t had too much Korean food except for korean BBQ. Delicious :).

    And I TOTALLY know what you mean about getting a bit sad once a series is over. I just finished Dexter and have no structure to my life anymore ;).

  4. I haven’t tried Korean food, but sounds like I need to! I had an amazing yoga workout at Lululemon yesterday it was just what I needed from all that running! I usually find a new series to obsess over 🙂

  5. I totally understand how you feel about finishing an epic show. . . Don’t worry – you’ll find another one! 🙂 I always seem to. . . I taught a combo spin/bodypump class this weekend that was pretty epic.

  6. Chef Riley did an awesome job in the kitchen!! I’m impressed.

    I’ve actually never tried Korean food but it sounds tasty.

    I’m the same way about shows but I just try to find something new to distract me. Like The Bachelor! So excited for that tonight. 🙂

    • Korean food is seriously tasty stuff. I also love it cause they bring out all these “sides” to the table, which is just a whole lot of little bowls filled with veggies and other tasty snacks.

      I’m DVR-ing Bachelor tonight, but I can’t wait for the dates to start!

  7. I used to always want to be an actress when I grew up so I feel your dream 😉

    Well done to chef Riley. I tend to do all the cooking in the house but I think it would be good to get Nick to do one meal a week at least to share the load. Your meal plan this week looks yum.

    I still haven’t finished gossip girl I think because I don’t want it to end! Usually when I marathon shows after I mourn I find another show to try and replace the gap. Doesn’t always work though.

  8. I LOVE Korean food and don’t even get me started on the red pepper sauce…I’m going to ask my local what MSG they put in it 😉

    You finished GG- it’s the end of an era. Like the OC was. My mum does this thing where for her favourite TV series (currently the middle) she allows herself 1 episode per night and saves them up. Then she gets depressed when it ends!

  9. I am like that with all shows, too. I was that way with The OC and One Tree Hill. And don’t get me started with Breaking Bad. We started it after it actually ended, haha. That Italian sandwich looks amazing! I’ve never had Korean food. I got in a circuit style workout on Saturday but rested yesterday!

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