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Snow day circuit

Hey, everyone! I’m writing a bit late because I got to sleep in today thanks to the snow that moved through last night. We got a few inches in Williamsburg, which is just enough to make everyone go completely crazy. Work is opening at noon today, but I decided to play it safe and just stay at home. I might be able to get there, but making the 45 minute drive after dark does not sound fun to me!

Last night Riley and I just took it easy while watching the snow fall. I make myself a grilled cheese on Ezekiel bread and some tomato soup topped with Greek yogurt. It was the perfect meal for a snowy night!

Grilled cheese and tomato soup

While we relaxed we drank some wine and caught up on some DVR’d shows on TV. Bella got some snuggles from Riley:

Bella snuggling

And Coco got mad about it. She’s so jealous!

Coco's angry face

Now that I have a whole day off I’m planning on doing an at-home workout before doing some work from home on my laptop this afternoon.

I put together a little snow-day circuit for anyone out there stuck inside. It only requires your bodyweight and you can complete it 3 times for a 30 minute workout!

Snow Day bodyweight circuit

Now I’m off to help Riley investigate why no water is coming out of the hot water faucets in our house. Yikes! If anyone’s an expert in plumbing, be sure to get in touch….

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!

Did it snow where you live last night?


18 thoughts on “Snow day circuit

  1. You try turning up your hot water heater? And Bella looks like she’s in heaven! Coco looks like she wants to scratch someone’s eyes out…and I’m pretty sure she blaming all of you, you’re all fair game! Enjoy your day off!

    • The hot water heater’s all the way up so that’s not the problem. I literally had to heat up water on the stove to bathe with today..
      Bella’s been having a blast! She frolicked and ran through the snow faster than I’ve ever seen her run.

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve had the tomato soup and grilled cheese combo, but you’re right — basically the best comfort meal ever. And can you believe that it HASN’T snowed here in forever? That’s basically unheard of for Canada in January…

  3. Grilled cheese and tomato soup sound great on a day like today. I have just recently gotten into Ezekial bread. I love it!

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