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Thinking out loud

I have very few coherent thoughts today due to the miserable weather outside (yes, it legitimately ruins my ability to think rationally), so I thought today I’d link up with Amanda for her Thinking Out Loud series!


1) I miss warm weather. Even more than that? I miss hot water. Yep, you heard that right. Our hot water pipes are frozen and it sucks. I felt very primitive yesterday heating up water on the stove just so I wouldn’t have to take an ice-cold shower. I want to go back to Aruba where I can look at this all day instead of snow:

Aruba beach

2) I’m shocked by how much Bella likes the snow, especially since she hates rain and baths. She is loving this weather, however! She ran and frolicked yesterday like a puppy and it was the cutest thing ever. Maybe she’s part husky and we just never knew!

Bella's perch

3) I’m borderline obsessed with these chips:


They sell them right outside my office and I buy them way more than I’d like to admit!

4) I love my job, but more than anything right now I wish I could stay at home again and have a repeat of yesterday. Aside from my workout, the most productive thing I did was throw some stuff in the slow-cooker for dinner. The rest of my day was spent by the fire reading, watching tv and drinking hot cocoa.


5) This may be too close to my first thought, but I really really want to go on vacation. We haven’t made a set plan for where we’re going this year, but unless a great deal in the Caribbean pops up somewhere I think we’ll stay in the states for once. I have a bunch of free Marriott nights and points we have to use, so a road trip to Disney World, Savannah, and Charleston is on the tentative plan. I plan on spending obscene amounts of time online researching fun stuff to do!

6) I just recently found out I have to work on Valentine’s Day, and I may as well be working on Christmas. Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! I don’t know if it’s all the pink and purple stuff, the chocolate, getting flowers, or getting to be totally lovey-dovey (and no one can make fun of me for it!), but I just love that day. And now it’s ruined. I’ll be throwing myself a MAJOR pity party over this one, so brace yourselves…

That’s all I’ve got for today! I’m off to work and I’m hoping that when I return we’ll magically have hot water again! If not, I may be showering at the gym. Or not showering at all. Just kidding…sort of. Either way, wish me luck!

What are your random thoughts today?

Are you making vacation plans? Where are you going?


25 thoughts on “Thinking out loud

  1. Frozen pipes – oh man that sounds horrible!! Even worse though is you having to work on Vday. Poor thing! I’d demand your man to prepare you some heart shapped waffles or pancakes before you head in though πŸ™‚

  2. Do Disney! I may be slightly biased because it’s where I’ll be headed this weekend and I’m kind of crazy excited, but it’s seriously one of the best places there is πŸ˜€ Nothing like a vacation to beat the winter blues… although I suppose I shouldn’t be complaining since our weather has actually been pretty mild around here lately… which is crazy considering we’re usually the ones getting hit with the insane cold.

  3. I too spent yesterday reading in front of the fire. It was slightly decadent and now my lower back is sore from being such a slug. Sorry about your hot water; that stinks. Uncle Chuck and I are going to Hawaii for our 40th anniversary this year – see, you can stay in the states lol. Have a greAt day!

  4. I totally need to check out those chips – they look crazy good. I have never been to Aruba, but would love to check it out!! And I am super bummed that I can’t work from home. . . with these snow and cold days, it would be so nice to work with PJs on and a cup of hot chocolate!!

  5. Okay, I majorly feel for you right now. Not having hot water when it’s ice cold out is torture! I hope it’s fixed soon.

    I love that picture of Bella and the thought of her frolicking in the snow? She’s so precious.

    As far as Valentines Day, does anyone get that day off? Haha…I don’t think it’s an actual holiday but feel free to drown your sorrows in wine and chocolate. I know I will!

    • Bella was seriously adorable with her frolicking. Valentine’s Day is a Friday so I’d have to work either way, but now I have to work a dinner that’ll keep me at work until 9:00, so no date night for me 😦
      And yes, I will most definitely drown my sorrows in wine! haha

  6. Your snow day sounds like my snow day. πŸ™‚ I didn’t do anything but workout and make dinner! We are planning a Hawaii vaycay this summer. I am so excited! We have been saving up for quite some time. It’s almost surreal that it’s finally going to happen!

  7. So cute that pic of Bella πŸ™‚ Funny she loves the snow but not the rain.

    Sorry you are working on Valentines day 😦 Nick doesn’t really believe in it so I am lucky to get a card on the day and we don’t really do anything to celebrate.

    Those sweet potato chips sound yum!

    P.s. come to Melbourne now it is warm πŸ˜‰

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