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Amazing pizza and the return of hot water

Well good morning! I hope you all are nice and rested after the weekend. I realized I peaced out on you two Fridays in a row, so I’ll try to make it a full week this time!

I thought I’d start the week by listing my weekend highlights (in chronological order):

1) Chef Riley’s pizza creation. Wouldn’t be a weekend recap without some pizza, right?

spinach ricotta pizza 2

This pizza was probably the best he’s made in a long time. I was in heaven! He used Trader Joe’s pizza dough and topped it with sauteed spinach, prosciutto, ricotta cheese, and fresh mozzarella. Seriously. Amazing.

spinach ricotta pizza 1

2) Trying out a new Nike Training Club workout. I hit up the gym Saturday afternoon for a 25 minute minute run followed by a 30 minute abs and butt workout. If you have the NTC app you can find this workout under “Get toned-advanced.”

NTC abs and butt

3) A new haircut! Confession time: it had been 11 months since I got a haircut. It was getting really gross, so I lopped off a couple inches and added some layers.

my new haircut

4) Movie and dinner date with Riley. We saw American Hustle (which I really liked!) then had dinner at Ruby Tuesday. We got a gift card for Christmas, otherwise we normally wouldn’t go to Ruby Tuesday. We’re just not real big on chain restaurants since there are so many great local places in Williamsburg. With that said, I was super impressed with their selection of healthy options! I got their spaghetti squash marinara for dinner, which was served with zucchini. Yeah for finding spaghetti squash on the menu!

Ruby Tuesday spaghetti squash

5) Lazy Sunday at home. I spent time snuggling with the pets and researching vacation ideas. Kisses for Coco!

kisses for Coco

6) THE RETURN OF HOT WATER!! If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll remember our hot water pipes froze when the snow came in Tuesday night. My week has been spent showering at the gym and taking awkward sponge baths with heated up pots of water (splashing yourself with handfuls of lukewarm water= not fun). We were so happy the hot water came back and celebrated by not showering the entire day. Go figure.

7) A gigantic salad for dinner last night.

Sunday Salad

I used a bag of spinach, some red onion, my handy-dandy Trader Joe’s chopped veggie mix, celery, portobello mushroom, grilled chicken and feta cheese.

Now that we’re all caught up I’ve got to run off to work for the day! Hope you all have a good one!

What was the highlight of your weekend?

How long do you go between haircuts?


20 thoughts on “Amazing pizza and the return of hot water

  1. The highlight of my weekend was probably pizza too!! The perfect Saturday night for me. And I love the new haircut – isn’t it amazing how a few inches and some layers makes you feel so much better?!

  2. The highlight of my weekend was the return of indoor soccer! I usually get a haircut every 2-3 months but I haven’t since June! Unless you count my mom trimming the ends as a haircut.

  3. Geeze props to you for dealing well with the hot water situation!!! So jealous you guys have spaghetti squash at restaurants…we don’t even have it here in grocery stores lol! When my fringe touches my eye = hair cut time. One time I let it grow and it was like a mop.

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