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Finding Winter Motivation

Some people call it denial. I prefer to say I’m channeling positive thinking. We’re supposed to get more snow today, possibly more than last week. As you all know, I despise snow, so every time someone says to me, “snow’s on the way, get ready!” I just say, “no it’s not!!!!” and run away.

The snow and cold makes it even harder during these months to get up and hit the gym. The blankets are so tempting and the air directly outside of your bed has to be at LEAST 10 degrees colder than where you’re laying. I suffer from hibernation mode during the winter months and by the time my work day is over, all I want to do is curl up in the living room with my wine and think about how much I hate winter.

Olivia Pope wine

I feel stressed, tired, and grouchy when it’s this cold out and the shorter days make it a lot harder for me. If I allow myself to skip the gym and eat poorly, however, it’ll only make the situation worse. I know I need to stay motivated,  so I do a few things to make sure I get to the gym, even when it’s 12 degrees outside.

Set myself up for success ahead of time

I lay my clothes out the night before, look at workout ideas on Pinterest, and visualize what I’ll do the next day. When I wake up, those ideas are still fresh in my mind. Being in the workout mindset definitely goes a long way! If I imagine that I’ll have a great workout, I probably will. Just like Brad Pitt.


Picture my day after a workout

This especially helps when you’re laying in bed cursing the alarm clock and trying to decide how bad it would be to skip the gym. Try to picture going about the rest of your day and how you’ll feel. Imagine yourself making better choices at lunch time and having more energy. Once you realize your day will go a lot better after a workout, it’s a lot easier to get out of bed.

Allow myself to “slack off”

I tell myself that if I’m really not feeling it, I’ll just do something easy and leave early. This almost never happens, but giving myself permission to take it easy helps me get out of the bed and go.

Every now and then, I get to the gym and I still just feel like parking it on a cardio machine for 45 minutes and calling it a day. That’s fine too! Sometimes just showing up is an accomplishment.

Those things usually work to get me to the gym and my day is always better because of it. Now to just countdown until April…Hope you all stay safe if you’re getting snow today!

How do you motivate yourself during the winter months?


20 thoughts on “Finding Winter Motivation

  1. I honestly pump myself up the night before. I always feel GREAT after workouts, even the bad ones, so when I visualize myself before I go to bed I wake up excited to get in the gym!

  2. I echo the prep work the night prior. Lay out the workout clothes! have it all ready to go. Hell, sometimes I even just go ahead and put them on and sleep in them. This is especially true the night before I teach a group ex class. That 4:40am alarm clock and my coordination to dress myself sometimes don’t jive. 🙂 And it was -4 this morning. UGH! All the more reason to just have the clothes on since they are nice and toasty from the bed. haha

  3. “sometimes just showing up is an accomplishment” <–LOVE THAT. My gym in montreal had a lounge room and some days I would just go there and nap. I figured if I got there and needed to nap then I must be tired and so I gave my body what it needed, but more often than not I actually worked out haha

  4. Sometimes is hard to find workout motivation, even in other seasons! However, I believe that the after day feeling is cool, so you’ll motivation levels can be higher!

  5. Yes to all these tips!! I have to get everything ready the night before, when my alarm goes off, I have to give myself a pep talk and it usually includes “you never regret workout and you only have to do X amount and if you aren’t feeling it, you can be done.”

  6. These are great tips!! I usually tell myself that I don’t have to do too much, but once I get going, I feel SO much better and usually end up doing a ton more :). Funny how we can trick ourselves into getting in a good workout even when we aren’t feelin’ it!

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