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Snow day part 2

Hey everyone! I realized I’m a bit behind today on my normal posting schedule. Better late than never, right? Work is closed AGAIN for snow…..I know I know, most people would be thrilled, but I’m a grouch with a really long to-do list so I was ready to go back to work.

After digging out my car, I made it out of the neighborhood to my gym this morning around 8:30, otherwise known as retirement hour. Seriously, I was the only person under 60 in the entire gym! I hopped on the treadmill and started running with no real goal in mind. I ended up running for about an hour, which felt really good after being a total bum all day yesterday! I spent some time stretching before heading out.

After the gym, I swung by the grocery store for supplies to make one of my favorite soups (I’ll share later) and grabbed a green juice while I was there.

Green juice bottle

By the time I was ready to eat it was almost lunch time, so I went with a chicken breast sandwich for lunch.

Chicken breast sandwich

 Bella has definitely enjoyed frolicking outside! It’s super cute to watch her run around eating snow.

Bella in snow

Meanwhile, Coco was also invited outside to enjoy the snow…..Like her mamma, she’s not a fan.

Coco and snow

The rest of my afternoon will be spent here doing work. Luckily, I’m able to log in to my work’s network and get caught up on my list.

Dining room office

I also have two furry little friends to “help” me.

Bella helping me work

Bella’s got it parked right by my feet while I work. The cat’s helping by stealing my pen, trying to sit on my laptop, knocking stuff off the table, and other annoying things. I take back any time I said it would be fun to have her with me at work.

Hope you all are staying warm and safe if you’ve got snow in your area! I’ll be back tomorrow with a great soup for you all.

How much snow did you get where you live (if any)?


8 thoughts on “Snow day part 2

  1. This snow storm is crazy! Arkansas got slammed earlier this winter, so I’m surprised this southern storm skipped us this time! Thank goodness!! I’m a little jealous, because it’s just FREEZING, like miserably close, but no snow. Whomp whomp!

  2. I finally got back to school today, but I heard we might be getting more snow so I might be back home tomorrow..

  3. It doesn’t ever snow in my area…. it barely even rains. I live in Cali and would kill for a little rain. But digging out your car just to go to the gym? WOW, thats dedication! Go you!!!

  4. We only got about 3 or 4 inches, which I guess is a moderate amount! But we didn’t have any closings for snow just the cold!

  5. Oh boo, Philly didn’t get any snow this time around. We had a teeny bit on Wednesday morning but nothing compared to last week! It’s awesome that you were still able to get to the gym and the store even though you were snowed in!

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