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40 minute treadmill challenge

Happy Tuesday! I’m running a tad late today cause I stayed too long at the gym, so this will be a short post. I do want to share my morning workout with you, however, because it was a lot of fun and a good challenge!

This morning I got up around 4:45 and got to my gym right at opening time. Since I did a steady 6.5 mile run on Sunday I really felt like switching it up. After playing around with speeds and inclines, I ended up doing this lovely little workout.

40 minute treadmill challenge

I was a sweaty mess by the end. The walking and even sprinting aren’t that rough, but that minute in the middle of running uphill? That’s what gets you! The time flew by, however, because I was doing something different every minute. I highly recommend trying this next time you’re bored on the treadmill.

After my run, I spent some time doing some ab work on the floor before stretching. I’m feeling super tight so I know I need to go to a yoga class soon. Remember that time a few weeks ago that I said one of my goals was to do yoga once a week? Yeah, neither do I apparently, because it hasn’t happened. I think my gym has a 6:30 yoga class tonight, however, so I’m going to spend the day trying to talk myself into it. Tell me to go to yoga!!

Like I said, I’m short on time, so I gotta run. I’ll catch up with you later!

How often do you do yoga?

Do you run hills a lot? Does it get easier???


24 thoughts on “40 minute treadmill challenge

  1. I used to do it every Sunday but now I never have time 😦 and no way running hills is alway hard but I find it that satisfying burn !

  2. I love workouts that mix it up with intervals like that. Makes time fly!

    And yes, you will feel so calm and relaxed after yogaing. Look at it like a treat for yourself. Kind of like a glass of wine? I went to Bikram yoga last week for the first time in almost 10 years (I’m getting old, lol) and it felt great. JUST DO IT. 😉

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