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Bibimbap and PB cups

Good morning! First of all, thanks to those of you that told me to get my butt to yoga class yesterday. Sorry to tell you this, but it didn’t work out….I got stuck in traffic on the way home, then Riley needed me to stop at the store before coming home. By the time I got to the house he was in the middle of cooking dinner and I wouldn’t have made it in time anyway. I compensated by spending extra time stretching at the gym this morning, though, so that kind of counts, right? <sigh> Whatever, can’t win ’em all.

I had so much fun sharing my first WIAW with you last week, so I though I’d link up again today! Thanks to Jenn for hosting!



I had a random sample of some vegan protein powder in my pantry, so I decided to use it to whip up a quick smoothie for breakfast.

Vegan protein powder

I threw in the protein powder, a banana, peanut butter, ice and almond milk. Turned out pretty good. Nothing to write home about- it would’ve been better with chocolate (obviously).

Vegan PB protein smoothie

Smoothies don’t usually keep me full until lunch. This one did, but maybe just cause I was so freakin’ busy all morning!

Once at work, I had the requisite two cups of coffee. Ahh, coffee…what would I do without you?

coffee collage


I went to a Korean restaurant with a co-worker for lunch. He introduced me a few weeks ago to this fabulous food and I think I might be hooked. First we shared the sides- I’ve discovered I really like kimchi.

Korean collage

Then the main course- bibimbap! Otherwise known as heaven in a stone bowl with an egg on top. I could seriously eat that stuff every day. If you’ve never had bibimap, it’s basically rice and veggies cooked and topped with a fried egg that cooks into the meal while you eat it. Some come with meat, others don’t. The crowning glory of this meal comes in the form of a red pepper sauce (really similar to sriracha) that’s crazy addictive. If anyone knows where I can get that red pepper sauce (without having to make it, because let’s be serious- I probably won’t do that), let me know.


I was totally stuffed from lunch and didn’t get hungry again until dinner. Riley was preparing to make a stir fry and when I told him I had Korean food for lunch he improvised and made a sort of Mexican stir fry: Brown rice, steak strips, corn, black beans, onion, peppers, and salsa.

Mexican stir fry I also managed to save room for dessert, i.e. scraping the bottom of the mini PB cup container.

PB cups

They’re almost gone and it makes me sad.

Dessert was followed by the usual:

Wine glass

And that’s another full day of eats in the life of Kelly! I feel pretty good about how I ate yesterday. I got a good amount of veggies, protein, fruit, and grapes in during the day. And yes, I count my wine as grapes.

I often wonder if people like seeing all the pictures of stuff I eat. Then I realize that if people are anything like me, we’re all super nosy and love every second of it, so I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out yesterday’s meals. Can’t wait to hear about what you’re eating these days!

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten this week?


28 thoughts on “Bibimbap and PB cups

  1. Ha Ha – yes I’m just as nosy and love seeing what others are eating. Does that sound creepy? Ah I hope not. 🙂 Those pb cups look unreal – it would’ve took all self control I had to not devour them all.

  2. The best thing I ate…. ARBYS! I never eat fast food but I was sick, and after I’m sick, I usually have very specific cravings. I had a FRIED chicken sandwich (it was prob all the fatty parts of the chicken, too!), with bacon and melted cheese on top w/ curly fries. It was divine. Actually, now that I think about it, I had really good sushi last night. So there ya go- the best HORRIBLE for you thing I ate and the best GOOD for you thing I ate. 🙂

  3. I think all of us in the blog world are a little nosy when it comes to seeing what other people eat — I know I am anyways. It’s always nice to get meal ideas from others 🙂 And now I’m thinking that chocolate sounds like a really good idea…

  4. Being curious about what other folks eat is totally a food blogger prerequisite. We all love it. Just about anything is better with chocolate – smoothies included. I’ve still never tried Korean food! So sad. But I hope to one day. I’d have to say the best thing I’ve eaten lately is some Sabra Chipotle Hummus! I can’t get enough of it!

  5. Nothing wrong with curiosity at all-

    I LOVE Korean food and partly due to all the mini side dishes but mainly because of the RED PEPPER SAUCE! I found it here in Australia- haven’t seen it in Sydney yet but I think the Korean mart near me has it- I’ll take a photo and send it to you because I’m sure it was made in America lol!

    • Oh it’s the best new meal I’ve had in ages. The first time I tried it I couldn’t get it out of my head for two weeks, which is obviously why I went again! And it’s way more fun to say than spell haha

  6. I love food pictures – I feel like you can’t talk about food without showing it off! I think the best thing I ate this week so far was a homemade chicken wrap that my husband and I made from a bagged salad, precooked grilled chicken strips, and really yummy wheat wraps. If you’ve read my blog recently you’ll know that my kitchen is currently out of service (and will be until possibly March) due to a leak in my roof. We can use our microwave and refrigerator but that’s it, so my healthy eating options are limited (hence the bagged salad and precooked chicken). That’s why I was so excited about a homemade wrap actually being yummy! 😛

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