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Cheers to the weekend!

Happy Friday!!! It’s Friday!! I haven’t been this excited about a Friday in a while! Ahhh, so many exclamation points! I’m a little revved from my workout, if you can’t tell. Come see me in two hours after my caffeine/endorphin crash.


There are so many awesome things that are making my morning great today. I figured I’d start the day with a random little list of things that are making me happy.

1) I have a half day! Granted, I’m leaving early because I have to work tomorrow, but whatever. One day at a time.

2) One of my best friends in the whole world is coming to visit tomorrow!! Her birthday was yesterday and mine is on the 17th, so we always celebrate in early February. I realized typing this that Megan and I have been friends for over 10 years. Between living together in college, being in the same sorority, living together for a year after college, and staying close all the years since, I can honestly say that Megan is like family to me. If you met her, you’d love her too 🙂

Megan collage

3) I had another great workout this morning. I got to the gym around 5:00, did 35 minutes of cardio intervals on the adaptive motion trainer, then headed to the weight area to work my shoulders, biceps, and triceps. Great way to start my weekend, especially since it will likely be filled with wine, cheese, crackers, and….probably more wine.

4) I have a new face wash that I’m obsessed with. Garnier’s Nourishing Cleansing Oil is making my life 10x easier. I suck at washing my face at night, mostly because I hate hunching over a sink while water gets splashed everywhere. I’d much rather just wash it when I’m in the shower, which unfortunately, happens in the morning. This face wash dissolves all my makeup in seconds and only requires one quick rinse. It’s basically amazing and I’m never buying another face wash again. I’d seriously consider it if you’re in the market for face wash.


5) Another beauty product that’s been on my favorites list for a while is Maybelline’s Colossal Cat Eyes mascara. I’ve been using this for over a year and it’s incredible the difference it makes.


Check out my comparison (obviously the pic on the left is with the mascara and the pic on the right is no mascara):

mascara pics

If I could only choose one product to wear during the day it would be this mascara! And you’re welcome for the super close-up picture of my eyes.

6) My breakfast! I was craving savory food for breakfast so I cooked up some eggs tossed with mushrooms and spinach. Served with some Ezekiel toast and a glass of almond milk on the side.


Now that I’ve completed the most random post ever I’m off to start my day. Even though I’m leaving early I’ve got a lot to do in preparation for Megan’s visit. And by preparation I mean wine shopping at Trader Joe’s. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I’ll see you again on Monday!

What’s making your day awesome?

What do you have planned for the weekend?

Favorite beauty product lately?


14 thoughts on “Cheers to the weekend!

  1. My workout really made my day! I got a nice 5k in and some bicep and tricep work and still had time for a nice bike cool down! Then of course the shoveling to get my car out this morning 😊 thanks for the face wash recommendation I was just in the need for some! Have a great weekend too!

  2. Well now I’m just craving some movement… yay for endorphins! I’m thinking I’ll need to head to the gym in a bit and get a good walk in because I’m going kind of stir crazy with this cold weather we’ve been having. And a makeup product I’ve been obsessed with lately is MAC’s Cleanse Off Oil. I just started using it to remove my makeup at night and omigosh… it’s amazing.

  3. I hope they bring that mascara out here! Or maybe they have and I have been too blind to notice it.

    Not good about your working the weekend, if it makes you feel better I worked till 7pm last night, fun times!

    Enjoy the time with your bestie, she sounds so lovely.

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